Xan H

We love making a difference.

“I started with $300 and a dream … and Elance.”
Tailor made for success.
Xan H, Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

With a pioneering spirit and love for the great outdoors, Xan Hood always dreamed of creating his own line of high-quality clothing & sundries. However, he knew he could settle for nothing less than creating a top-notch outfitter – one that would make Ernest Hemingway proud. Unfortunately light on cash (and weighed down by so much work needed), Xan instinctively turned to Elance.

Today his Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is going strong and growing like gang-busters, thanks in no small part to the talented Elancers he works with on a regular basis (10 currently, but that can grow at any time). From product developers and accountants to graphic designers, artists, website developers and customer service reps, Xan has tapped into the vast Elance talent pool to bring his dream to life. Blazing trails is no easy task. But Xan is more than enough man for the job, especially with the helping hand of so many great Elancer.