Yahia K

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“As a freelancer on Elance, I’ve been able to work cost efficiently with a variety of people… no matter where we are. I can’t even count all of the benefits.”
Greetings from Bangladesh.
Yahia K, SEO Services

Despite his isolated location in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Yahia Kahn of Global IT Expert is still able to work in concert with clients across the globe. Its new opportunities made possible by Elance and the online world of work that continues to grow by leaps and bounds – which means Yahia’s business can keep rocking too.

Here’s his story: While working in Bangladesh for a large foreign company, Yahia was unsure of the firm’s future plans. He wanted the stability and security of being his own boss, so Yahia turned to Elance and has never looked back. Specializing in SEO and link building, his consulting business is expanding to the point where he hires other Elancers to help carry the load. Being both a freelancer and client on Elance, he appreciates the duel benefits of a smooth working environment.