Yoko M

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“The sheer variety of jobs available on Elance keeps me thinking creatively and improves my illustrating.”
A storybook ending
Yoko M, Graphic Designer

As the Japanese economy struggled mightily, illustrator Yoko Matsuoka wasn’t facing a pretty picture at her full-time job. And with few firms hiring, she even briefly considered a career change. But knowing full-well that illustration and graphic design was the only job that truly inspired her, Yoko refused to give up on her dream.

Now after finding Elance she has turned a successful new page in her career, and Yoko continues to freelance steadily on jobs from children’s books to product labels. In fact, the variety of projects is so wide-ranging that the work keeps her mind fresh. And because Yoko is no longer confined to a 9-to-5 desk job, she can also travel to the countryside to illustrate in a beautiful surrounding -- stimulating and invigorating her creativity. With so many great inspirations to draw from, no wonder she draws so beautifully.