Firmo S

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“Although educated in accounting, it’s my self-taught English skills that allow me to stand out. I’ve found my niche and couldn’t be happier.”
Another word for “success”
Firmo S, Translator

Living and working in the remote country of Timor, in Indonesia, Firmo was formally-trained as an accountant. Longing for more freedom and greater opportunity, he discovered Elance and yearned to embark on a career as a successful online freelancer. However, after noticing that there was a lot of competition on Elance for accounting jobs, he stepped back and took a good-long look at his skills –and which of his talents would be most fruitful.

This is when Firmo realized there was much less competition among freelancers able to translate Indonesian. Self-taught in English, he began placing job proposals and was an immediate success. Three years later, freelance translation jobs earn a comfortable living for him, his wife and daughter. He’s also able to purchase faster computers to make his job easier and more enjoyable.