Women in Technology — April 2013

A Detailed Look Inside Freelancers' Views on Women in Technology


Flexibility and Family
Drivers for Women

Online work appeals to women for three main reasons: the diversity of projects provides more learning opportunities (65%); online work enables women to spend more time at home with family (60%); it's easier to find jobs online than compete for a full-time job (60%).

Closing the Tech
Gender Gap

Women cite the following as key factors to closing the technology gender gap: offering equal pay to men and women with the same skillsets (66%); receiving more inspiration from parents and teachers at a young age (55%); dispelling the stereotypes that boys are better than girls in math and science (49%).

Bright Future for Women
in Technology

The majority of women (80%) remain optimistic about the future success of women in technology, with 32% saying they are extremely optimistic. More than 78% of respondents already conduct over three-quarters of their freelance work online, and look to online work as an escape from traditional work barriers.

Current State of Women in Technology

Do you feel that sites like Elance provide more work opportunity for women vs. traditional employment to grow their careers?

How much of your freelance work is conducted online vs. onsite?

How has online work helped grow your career?

“Elance allows me to make my technology skills profitable and help support my growing family
while doing what is most important to me: motherhood.”
– Erica D.

What do you think are the top deterrents for women NOT going into technology-related
careers today?

Looking Ahead

How optimistic are you about the future
of women in technology?

Do you think online work platforms like
Elance will enable women to be more
successful in technology work vs. the
offline world?

“Elance is my stimulus to grow and evolve in technology. I believe this is the best
decision I have made for myself and my career.”
– Sonya S.

What do you think it will take for women to be successful in the technology field?

What technical skill(s) do you wish you had or seek to possess in the next year?

Who is Freelancing?

Where are you located?

What year were you born?

“I have always loved technology but have never been able to find jobs locally.
Elance gives me the opportunity to use my skills to help others.”
– Meagan D.

Where are the majority of the clients that hire you for projects?

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Source: Women in Technology, April 2013. Based on over 7,000 responses.