Dayna B

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"Elance is key to my financial success and creative happiness."
The art of online work.
Dayna B, Illustrator/Fine Artist
Living in a remote region of Canada (her community is in the middle of a forest actually, with no mobile phone access), Dayna doesn't exactly have a direct pipeline to clients in the market for illustrations and fine art work. Plus truth be told with the second-highest unemployment rate in their province, there's little or no opportunity for her to apply her artistic skills at all, or work any professional job for that matter. But rather than move to the big city and sacrifice the lifestyle she and her family loves, she instead chooses the world of Elance.

Through online work Dayna is able to create wonderful illustrations for businesses around the world, developing long-term relationships on both a professional and personal level. "I meet amazing people, work on exciting projects and get to live how I want to," she says. The freedom is ideal, as she explains that Elance allows her flexibility to work around everything—from homeschooling to bee farming. In fact Dayna's only concern is that she has too much quality time with the family. "Now if only the kids would give me a bit of peace to work!"