International payments are complicated; Elance Global Payments makes it simple.

Elance Global Payments is a complete payment platform that enables clients to easily pay for work and freelancers to access their earnings quickly and cost-effectively. Elance Global Payments provides:

Flexible Payment Options for Clients

Elance Global Payments makes it easy for clients to pay their freelancers globally. Elance provides clients with the flexibility to add multiple payment methods and the tools to track freelancer payments. With Elance Global Payments, clients have a number of different funding options, including:
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Safe, Fast, Low Cost Withdrawals for International Freelancers

Elance Global Payments helps freelancers navigate the complexity of international payments and provides fast, low-cost access to your money. Elance Global Payments offers our international freelancers a variety of withdrawal methods, including:
  • Local Currency Transfer
  • USD Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
In most cases, local currency transfer offers the best option with low fees and foreign exchange rates negotiated by Elance. Fees, availability, and exchange rates vary by country and we encourage you to research the best option for your needs.

Low-Cost Withdrawals for US Freelancers

Elance Global Payments offers U.S. freelancers flexible methods to withdraw funds quickly, including:
  • ACH
  • PayPal
For U.S. freelancers, ACH is generally the best option, offering free and rapid access to funds. With ACH, funds are deposited directly into your bank account within two business days.

Getting Started


Elance earnings will accrue in your Elance account until you withdraw them. To withdraw your earnings, you will first need to add a withdrawal method to Elance. Once that withdrawal method has been added, you can request withdrawals to that account at any time. Learn more


Get started today by adding your credit card or PayPal account. Learn more