Achtung! Win Free Ticket To The iPhone Developers Conference.

With the recent release of iOS 6, the Apple developer community is buzzing with excitement and getting ready to eat a whole lot of pretzels. Elance is joining in the über-fest celebration too, as we’re giving away a free ticket to the iPhone Developers Conference (IPDC) 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany this October 22-23. You must be from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Luxembourg to win. The free ticket is also good for the Mobile Developers Conference nearby.

The conference promises to give Elancers a leg-up on freelance jobs, as businesses will be looking for skilled professionals with the latest know-how in iPhone app development..

The conference focuses on the most important trends for developers, and is a great opportunity for Elancers to stay on the forefront of iOS design. Rumor has it iOS 6 has over 200 new features waiting to be explored and designed for, including an improved version of Apple’s Siri voice control (that could be fun!). At IPDC 2012 there will be 6 tracks and more than 40 sessions during the two days, as well as a bonus “night coding” session bringing you directly to the code.

File Under “F” for Fantastic: Introducing Folders.

With the addition of Folders to your My Jobs page, we’re excited to announce that it’s now a breeze keeping your Elance jobs organized.

Folders make it really simple to arrange jobs in whatever method works best for you. Create Folders by project (New Website), date (Q4 '12 Projects), workgroup (Turbo Team) or whatever method-to-your-madness (Wash the Car). Hey, they’re your Folders. Do with them as you wish...
Simply create and name the Folders (get started by clicking the small gray Folder icon near the search box–it turns to green when you select it). Then drag-and-drop a job to a Folder for easy organization. Or, for browsers not yet supporting drag-and-drop, use the pull-down Action Menu to move your job to a Folder.

Optimism Reigns, So Says Elance Freelancer Survey.

You don’t have to read between the lines to realize that people are down-right giddy about the future of online work.

Today, we shared results from our global freelance survey, “The State of the Freelance Market.” It reveals that freelancers are extremely optimistic about tomorrow and beyond. For example, 67% of those surveyed expect to earn more in 2013 than 2012. And keep in mind, 57% of freelancers report increased income in 2012 – so that number is even more impressive. In fact, the average freelancer is expecting to earn a whopping 43% more next year.

These figures are in sharp contrast to reports of the anticipated earnings of traditional workers – expected to rise just 3% in 2013.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Elance Now Available. Hold the Mayo.

You know you’ve made it big when, 1) Kanye West tweets about you, 2) Carnegie Deli names a sandwich after you, or 3) They release an Idiot’s Guide about you.

Well, Kanye still isn’t giving us any love. And let’s be honest, who really craves an Elance on Rye before catching Les Miserables for the umpteenth time?

But, we are excited to announce that the popular Idiot’s Guide series of learning books now includes Elance.

Yes, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Elance was released two weeks ago. The book is now available in print and electronic version at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other online purveyors of the written word. The reviews are stellar and we tip our cap to author Karen Lacey for doing a bang-up job encapsulating the many ways to get the most out of Elance. It has a wealth of knowledge for seasoned pros and beginners alike, whether you’re a freelancer or a business looking for contract work. And if you’re already an Elance über pro, it’s a great holiday gift for someone just starting out.

Happy International Freelancers Day! Here’s How to Kick-Up Your Heels and Celebrate.

Hey, it’s officially Friday, September 21st in the world. Which means International Freelancers Day is here. Woo-hoo! While there won’t be cake and ice cream for everyone (Boo-hoo!), there will be a world of activities happening all day long.

Start by visiting the International Freelancers Day website. Among other things you’ll find 13 free webinars beginning at 10:00 am (Eastern time) and running throughout the day. The list of topics and presenters is pretty inspiring.

Speaking of inspiration, inspire us with your story and win great prizes.

Celebrate International Freelancers Day. Share Your Story And Win Prizes (Plus Connects).

Put on your party hat and dust off your dancing shoes. International Freelancers Day is Friday, September 21. If you’re like us, this grand holiday ranks right up there with New Year’s Day, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah and Oktoberfest. OK, maybe a touch below Oktoberfest, but darn close.

Whether you’re a freelancer or work for a company who uses freelancers, International Freelancers Day is your time to celebrate all things solopreneur. We may be preaching to the choir here, but freelancing really does bring wonderful opportunities to people around the world – putting food on the table, parents on time for school events and skills on track for what people love doing most.

All kidding aside, there truly is reason to celebrate this Friday and beyond.

So inspire us with your story, and win great prizes.
To celebrate International Freelancers Day we want to inspire others. You can help by sharing your story. It’s easy and fun, here’s how:

1. Tell your inspirational story about freelancing. It can be as simple as a sentence, or as state-of-the-art as a video, animation or whatever. Just be sure it speaks to our theme: How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live And Work.

2. Post your story or shoot us a link to your story on our Facebook Page, or send us a tweet @elance with hashtag #Efreelanceday. Stories must be submitted by 11:59 pm PT on September 30, 2012. As the celebration continues, we’ll be highlighting stories on the Elance Blog and Elancer newsletter.

3. Everyone who shares their story will receive 10 Connects in September and an additional 10 Connects in October!

4. Our team will view all stories and award prizes for what moves us most. Here’s what winners will receive:

Introducing Opportunities: Your Central Page for Recommended Job Matches (Also New!) – and Lots More.

Wow, with a blog headline that long, you gotta figure something pretty meaty is being unveiled. Right you are. Elance is proud to announce a dramatically easier way for freelancers to land perfect jobs – plus keep those jobs close-at-hand.

Meet your new Opportunities page. And believe us, the page is much easier to use than it is to write headlines for.

Your Opportunities page is where we’ll begin sending you recommended job opportunities daily. Part of your existing Home page, simply select the Opportunities link to toggle over at any time to see new job matches from Elance clients. Now in Beta, we’ll be refining and perfecting your recommendations as we make your Opportunities page even better in the days to come.

At This Week’s GOP Convention, Jobs (and an Elance Client) Took Center Stage.

With the Presidential election just weeks away, folks at the Republican National Convention are talking jobs, jobs, jobs. Except of course for a large number of GOP movers & shakers, who were actually listening – to a seasoned Elancer talk about (you guessed it) … jobs.

Specifically, during the GOP convention people turned a keen ear to Elance client Chris Abbott. Chris was front-and-center in the Huffington Post-sponsored Entrepreneurial Expo held Wednesday in Tampa. Co-sponsored by Microsoft and NBC News, the Expo allowed people in search of job solutions to circulate among select entrepreneurs, discussing “What is Working” on the American job front. Huffington Post Editor In Chief Arianna Huffington and LinkedIn Co-Founder Allen Blue were among the many dignitaries who gleaned insights from Chris at the Expo Wednesday.

Owner of CV Jones and an Elance client for several years, Chris had much to say to Arianna and others about what’s possible when the right jobs are matched with the right online freelancers. Chris was able to enlighten many political and business leaders on the advantages of hiring online workers to spur job growth in America.

Elance Partners with Huffington Post, Pledges $1 Million to New Jobs Initiative.

Getting Americans back to work is priority #1 for this country. That’s why Elance is pledging $1 million to support Opportunity: What Is Working – a powerful new effort spearheaded by our friends at The Huffington Post.

So where’s Elance’s cool million going? To Congressional Sub-Committees? Nope. Lobbyists? Yawn. Leading economists funding annual conventions in Hawaii? Not a chance. This money is going straight to American businesses that hire American workers. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

For every U.S.-based business that registers for the first time at Elance and hires their first American freelancer, we’ll pay the first $75 of the bill. Doing the math, that’s in the neighborhood of 13,000 palms we’ll grease to stimulate hiring. Register your business at Elance to hire online freelancers.

“My Contractors” Now Available on Client Home Page

Over the past few weeks, we have shared some of the customizable features available on the new My Jobs page. We just rolled out the latest round of enhancements on the client side.

New Home Option for Clients
For clients wanting faster access to “My Contractors” and easier management of jobs, you can now set “My Contractors” as your default home page. Simply click the Settings icon to select this option.

With “My Contractors” front and center, it’s simpler than ever to contact, review and re-hire your favorite Elancers right from your home page. There’s also a new search feature to quickly find contractors or jobs by name or tags (a feature requested by many of you).

You’ll also find a new summary panel has been added to “My Contractors.” This dashboard gives you a quick glimpse of current jobs and their status. Simply hover over your job or Elancer and a panel will pop up with additional details.


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