“My Contractors” Now Available on Client Home Page

Over the past few weeks, we have shared some of the customizable features available on the new My Jobs page. We just rolled out the latest round of enhancements on the client side.

New Home Option for Clients
For clients wanting faster access to “My Contractors” and easier management of jobs, you can now set “My Contractors” as your default home page. Simply click the Settings icon to select this option.

With “My Contractors” front and center, it’s simpler than ever to contact, review and re-hire your favorite Elancers right from your home page. There’s also a new search feature to quickly find contractors or jobs by name or tags (a feature requested by many of you).

You’ll also find a new summary panel has been added to “My Contractors.” This dashboard gives you a quick glimpse of current jobs and their status. Simply hover over your job or Elancer and a panel will pop up with additional details.

Elance Job Report Shows Upswing In “Creative Economy”

We have great news for “right brain” thinkers everywhere. While job demand rose to record levels in many areas – including most technical fields – our Q2 Global Online Employment Report also points to a dramatic rise in demand for creative skills. For the first time ever the “Creative Economy” is outpacing demand for technical talent. These findings show that companies are now looking for new way to attract and engage customers.

The chart below shows the percentage of jobs posted by category, indicating Creative took the lead in Q2:

Two More Time-saving Enhancements to the My Jobs Page

Last month, we released a friendlier, more customizable My Jobs page. We're thrilled with the response and are back with a couple of new enhancements in response to your feedback.

New Compact View of My Jobs
When we first released the new My Jobs, we introduced a default view that showed you a thumbnail picture of the client or contractor, or job status (if the job isn’t active yet) linked to your jobs. While this view works for some, others requested a more compact view without any images. Starting today, you can change the default view of your page simply by clicking the settings icon and selecting List Style/Compact. Try it out, and choose the view that works best for you.

New Broadcast Messaging to Your Workrooms

The New My Jobs Page is Here. Test it Out!

If you’re like 90% of our users, you use the “My Jobs” page as your Elance homepage. Based on your feedback, we’re simplifying this page while making it more powerful and customizable – so you can work more efficiently and in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Starting today, you can opt-in to the new My Jobs look. Here’s what you’ll find:

Act on a job directly from My Jobs
We’re taking some clicks out of the equation. With this new interface, you’ll be able to send messages, view key job information and perform other important actions such as editing terms & milestones directly from the My Jobs page.

Have Windows Developer Skills? Join Our New Microsoft Developer Groups

In the freelance economy, your skills determine how often you are hired and how much you earn. You can demonstrate these skills to prospective clients by taking one of our many skill tests or, starting today, by joining our expanded Microsoft Developers Program that matches certified Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure and Microsoft web developers with businesses searching for expert talent.

Today marks the launch of four new Microsoft developer groups where businesses can browse and hire technical experts on demand. The new groups also feature a “Jobs” category that allows freelancers to submit proposals to new projects with a single click.

Elance Survey Points to Online Workforce as Driver of New Economic Recovery

We’re excited to share the results from our global survey on business hiring in which we asked over 1,500 Elance clients about their current hiring practices and future plans. The results provide insights on the role the online workforce is playing in the economic recovery and how companies around the world are increasingly relying on freelance talent as a competitive advantage.

Here are some highlights:

  • Businesses are looking to online workforces to get work done; 73% of business indicated they are hiring more contractors this year, and nearly three-quarters will be online hires.

  • A high percentage of companies (40%) feel they can find better talent online than what is available locally. Businesses have discovered they are able to stay agile and outperform the competition by hiring the skills they need just-in-time and on-demand by working with professionals online.

Announcing the BlueSnap-Elance Scholarship Program

We're excited to announce our participation in a new program geared to help entrepreneurs in digital commerce get the support and talent needed to realize their business goals. Alongside BlueSnap, a global provider of open Cloud Commerce technology and services, and the 1M/1M program, Elance will be awarding 12 entrepreneurs launching or expanding digital commerce ventures their own scholarships to virtually attend the 1M/1M program for one year.

Supported by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, strategist and author Sramana Mitra, the One Million by One Million (1M/1M) initiative has a goal of nurturing one million entrepreneurs to each reach $1 million or more in annual revenue. For the scholarship winners, BlueSnap will provide guidance in establishing their online business presence, so they can get their business up and running quickly. We will then provide Elance service credits to help them hire and manage the online talent they need to order to help them fulfill their business vision—whether that's in the form of programming, creative, marketing or other support.

Applicants must have a concept or existing business providing a digital commerce product or service that offers any of a wide variety of digital goods including "audio and video content, software, casual games and subscription access to publications and services." The deadline for entrepreneur scholarship applications is May 11, 2012. Click here for instructions on how to apply.

For more information, please visit the BlueSnap-Elance Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions page. Good luck to all of our digital entrepreneurs!


Fully Customize Your Reports with User Defined Fields

Last week, we introduced a new set of analytics tools for clients that allow you to view spend history and trends by both jobs and contractors, over the date range of your choice. Today, we’re rolling out additional functionality that allows clients to include customer purchase order (PO) and user defined fields (UDF) to truly customize your views in analytics reporting.

These reports are in a simple, easy-to-understand format, and you can quickly download or print the data you need. Clients can view these reports by going to Manage > My Reports in the navigation bar.

Stay Organized with UDFs
If you haven’t been using user defined fields already to organize your payments, the new reporting feature makes it a great time to start. Once you set up your UDFs and assigned them to your jobs, each payment you make will be marked with all the UDF values you have assigned to the job. You can read more about other benefits of UDFs here in our previous blog post.

New Elance Global Employment Report Highlights Online Work Trends

Today we're at an inflection point in online work, with over two million users from 150+ countries around the world on the Elance, according to the new Global Online Employment Report we've released today. We think this new quarterly report offers unparalleled visibility into the global online employment market and includes Elance's results for the quarter along with key trends data.

This new report offers great transparency into hiring and employment trends across the globe, and we believe this data could help the members of our community better understand the market. Among some of our Q1 highlights:

New Quarterly Records
Elance's results for the quarter set new records, with 193,000 new job posts and contractor earnings of $43M. The number of businesses hiring on Elance for the first time jumped 21%, and new user registrations totalled 260,000 for the quarter as Elance's user base of clients and contractors continues to climb. IT and Marketing hiring managers looking for specialized talent posted more than 120,000 jobs.

Client Proposal Selection and Analytics and Identity Verification for Contractors

We’ve introduced several new features to the Elance platform that will give clients more control and insight into two critical parts of their Elance experience—contractor proposal selection and spend history on the platform. Additionally, we’ve rolled out the ability for contractors to verify their online identities and enhance their profiles and proposals to new clients. Look for increased functionality in all of these features in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Proposal Selection Page
Clients who have posted a job will notice improved visual and interactive enhancements on their proposals page that provide a simpler, more intuitive way to take actions on the job such as inviting more candidates, reposting the job, extending time left for proposals, and adding to job descriptions. All of the important details of your job are now in one convenient box at the top of the proposal page—from budget, job type, invited contractors and time left to receive proposals. Additionally, you can track invited candidates in a new tab next to the submitted proposals, and there’s a new interactive global map highlighting the different regions of the world from where you’ve received proposals.



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