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It’s hard to post a project if you don’t know what you want. What may not be as obvious, especially for design projects, is a secondary – but nearly as important – consideration: How do you want your project developed? Knowing what you want done and which application you’d like to be used helps ensure your deliverable fits your current – and possibly your future – needs.

Different applications create different end products, so let’s take a look at some of the more common design applications. Keep in mind this is merely intended to be an overview: Hundreds of books have been written describing the uses of each application.

Finalists Announced in Best Logo Contest

The nominations are in for the 2008 Best Logos on Elance Contest, and we've chosen the finalists.  With over 100 entries in categories like Best Makeover, Web and Real Estate, the finalists are truly the best of the best.

Help us choose the best logo in each category by casting your vote.  Votes will be accepted through June 15th.

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Margot Finds Her Voice

Paul Ranson, Founder and CEO of UK-based Slam Productions, creates computer and video games for game consoles such as Sony PS2 and Nintendo Wii. The company was founded in 2007, and has created many video games - Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Telly Addicts, and Top Trumps, to name a few.

Margot - Lead Character
Margot's Wordbrain Game

When a downturn in the video game industry prompted Paul to streamline staffing from 12 to 4 in-house employees, he turned to Elance to find and hire creative talent to help fill in the gaps of his newly slimmed down team. The in-house Slam Productions team is now completely comprised of programming talent.

How to Get Started With Flash Programming

Most of you have probably heard of Flash and you’ve most likely seen it while browsing the internet … but how can you use it on your website?

Jon Emerson
Co-Founder & CEO, Siris Media

In a nutshell, Flash allows you to engage your audience with motion, sound and interactivity, which helps you deliver your message, sell your product or service, or promote your cause. Flash, well-designed and produced, is a great tool for developing dynamic content for the web and can be a great asset for your website.

In this article, you’ll learn what Flash programming is and how you can use it on your website to engage your audience and differentiate your business.

Water Cooler Icon Contest Winner!

Drumroll please...

The winner of the Water Cooler Icon Contest is Kiryl Lysenka (Elance ID: gnibel).

When designing the icon, Kiryl wanted to stay away from anything too literal.  "I thought for a minute about the water cooler, but it was too obvious to draw any kind of bottle or pump, so I switched to the image of the water itself and then came the idea of those bubbles," said Kiryl.

But the pattern of the bubbles isn't random.  If you look at the icon, you'll also notice that the bubbles form the letter "W," creating a subtle connection with the "W" in the name Water Cooler.  "I really like the result - it's simple, though meaningful and strong," said Kiryl.

Kiryl, based in Moscow, Russia, has been an Elance provider in the Design category since 1999.

Be A Video Star

We all know the importance of first impressions - especially when trying to win jobs.  Now, you can take advantage of the new profile video feature to make your provider profile more personal, sell your services better online and let buyers know who you are.  Similar to the experience of providers who have already taken advantage of this feature, you might even have fun doing it!

But why bother putting together a video?


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