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Stay-At-Home Dad Dreams Big and Finds Success

Elance provider Frederick Pohl’s lifelong dream was to become a successful business owner and family man. His dream became a reality earlier this year when he launched his design business, Pohl Media, on Elance – giving him more time to spend at home with his new daughter.

How did Frederick do it? Here’s his story in his own words:

Top 10 Ways Skills Central Can Improve Your Game

Did you notice the new “tab” at the top of every page on Elance? 

The new addition – Skills Central – is a resource where you can explore the inner workings of the Elance talent market, especially facts and data about the skills in demand and the skills for hire on Elance.

Cool, right? Better than cool, Skills Central is actually useful in helping make you a better elancer, too. Here’s how …

Celebrating Success: Elance Provider Earns Prestigious CMMI Level 3 Recognition

Elance provider SynapseIndia recently achieved a Level 3 status of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) for Software product development.

The CMMI award is given to companies that maintain a high level of quality and systematic processes in the following functional areas:

Developing Skills Pays Off

Whoever said a hobby couldn't be lucrative? Recently hired provider, Fred Bliss (username: FredBliss), has done exactly that - he turned his web design hobby into an income-generating opportunity.  Here's how he did it:

Back in 2000, Fred needed to pay for car repairs for a vacation trip to Vermont with his girlfriend (now wife).  At this time, Fred had limited previous experience in web design, but enough to take on a small paying job from his friend.  After completing the project for $300, Fred realized that he could earn a living doing web design - something that he really enjoyed.

College Elancers Join Forces

A year ago, Eric Vogel (username: evogel21) was a full-time student at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, pursuing degrees in International Business and Marketing Communications. His life changed after a professor introduced him to Elance.

Eric’s journey since then has been an interesting one – he shares his experience in his own words:

Track Coach Reinvents the Stopwatch

With the spirit of the Summer Olympics in Beijing fresh on our minds, we thought it would be appropriate to spotlight Matt Shields, a high school teacher, dedicated track and field coach, and Elance employer who brought his vision for a track and field tool to life with the help of an elancer.

Matt began teaching and coaching track and field in 1998, and as much as he enjoyed coaching over the years, he was often frustrated by how difficult it was to record, compile and report track meet times for his athletes.

‘A-Ha’ Moment Launches a New Business

Andrew Simmons, an Elance employer and entrepreneur, is also a modern-day Sir Isaac Newton - you know - the guy who had an ‘a-ha’ moment when he accidentally discovered gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree?  Similarly, Andrew had his own ‘a-ha’ moment that launched his lucrative business.

“I was creating a tiled mural design of Venus painted by Botticelli for my bathroom, and had the tiled pattern on the floor of my living room. A friend came over and thought it was cool - he started telling people about the tiled design,” said Andrew.

IT Professor Hires Programmers on Elance

As an IT professor at the University of Connecticut, Alex Tung knows a lot about web programming and development. But while he’s teaching the technical side of things – his mind is constantly working on the creative side.

Alex is never short of ideas for new websites to develop, and in 2006, he founded Idea Yoga – the parent company to host the numerous creative websites Alex creates with the help of elancers.

Born to Write

You could say Rebecca Stigall (username: ForewordCommunications) was born to write. She spent most of her formative years in education programs focused on writing and research, and as you would expect, wrote for her school papers. Even in college, she was to the go-to girl for editing projects for her close friends.

Now as a newly hired provider, she continues her twenty plus years as a freelance writer on Elance. Learn more about Rebecca’s Elance journey in her own words:

Elance Buyer 'Invests' in Website

Ram Palaniappan is a successful entrepreneur with a special interest in financial markets. His latest venture, Xearn.com, was an idea born out of his own personal passion for the stock market.

Xearn.com is a website community where you can create a mock stock market portfolio based on actual stock prices. There is no real money behind the stocks – but you can choose to charge a subscription fee for others to view your portfolio.


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