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How to Build a Simple Website

Have you always wanted a website, but didn’t know how to even start thinking about identifying and describing what you wanted, much less finding someone to help you build it?

We asked one of our busiest website providers, Kevin Faro of UNorth, LLC, to create a template you can use to outline your dream website.

NY Baby Boomer Launches Embroidery Training Website

At 69 years young and a proud member of the baby boomer generation, Joyce V. Jagger is in no way slowing down.

In fact, she transitioned her offline embroidery business into a web-based consulting service.  Here's how:

Vroom Foods Takes Off With Elance

When Vroom Foods revved up its engines in 2001, Elancers provided the branding and marketing support that put this start up on the road to success.

Trevor Kensey, Vroom Foods Director of Marketing and his colleague and brother, Jason Kensey, shared with us the Vroom story and the role Elance providers played in the company's launch.

Baby Boomer Turns Life Experiences Into Full-Time Freelancing Career

52-year old Niel Leon, a full-time Product Development consultant on Elance (Elance username: ConnectUTS), leveraged his lifetime of work experience to start his freelancing business.

To understand where Niel is today, with a successful freelancing business that specializes in electro-mechanical product development, you have to learn about his diverse work background.

What Makes a Great Leader?

People around the world often discuss and debate this question:  What makes someone a great leader?

In one of our market research projects, we surveyed a group of Elancers for their perspective on this topic, and asked them to identify the key characteristics of what makes a great leader:

We are not surprised that vision and ability to inspire to act are at the top of the list of characteristics, but interestingly, only a small percentage of survey respondents identified teamwork as key to what makes a great leader.

What do you think makes someone a great leader, and is teamwork a key requirement?

How to Work With a Freelance Writer

We asked Jeff Haden, an Elance provider in the Writing & Translation category and a freelance writer we work with, to give us his perspective on how and why you should consider working with a freelance writer. We hope you enjoy this guest blog contribution from Jeff.


Connecting with and building relationships with current and prospective customers is vital for your business, and the words you use can literally make or break you.

Manufacturing Design of Award-Winning Board Games

Given a background in Electrical Engineering designing semiconductors for Silicon Valley firms, you wouldn’t expect 45-year old Andy Daniel to have a ‘low-tech’ hobby.  But, in fact, Andy has a passion for traditional-style board games, and started his own company, Enginuity, to serve fellow board game enthusiasts.

"Board games are just as engaging as video games, and oftentimes require much more problem solving skills and development, along with being social and matching wits with other players," explained Andy.

Working Virtually

How does a brick-and-mortar consultant transition to a successful virtual entrepreneur?  For Aftab Qureshi (Elance ID:  westknight), the answer came by thinking through three important areas.  More on that later.

Before making the transition, Aftab was a marketing consultant for more than 20 years and spent his early career working for Fortune 100 companies such as Toyota, Honda, P&G, Dunlop, Cable & Wireless, Citibank, Reckitt Benckiser and the US Navy.

Mompreneur Helps Kids Increase Their Financial IQ's

Amanda van der Gulik, a mompreneur and Elance buyer, is passionate about two things:  financial independence and children.  She combines the two in her business, CleverDoughKids, a website dedicated to teaching children how to make money work for them rather than having to work for money.

CleverDoughKids, based in New Zealand and Canada, achieves Amanda's vision by creating and distributing educational materials with real examples of how kids can earn income passively.  "It's just so amazing to watch as the financial light bulb turns on in kids heads!" said Amanda.  One example Amanda shares is from her own daughter:

Top Tips to Help You Delegate

For those of us who resist delegating work, there's a common belief: It'll be quicker if I just do it myself.

Well, that might be true – this one time.  But what about next time or the time after that...or the 20 times after that?

The real value of delegation is realized in the weeks, months and years that follow. People who are successful at handing over their work yield dividends each time the task is executed.


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