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Top 10 Skills in Demand

As an Elance provider, you quickly become aware of the popular skills requested by clients. You may have all the skills you need for the work you want to do, but could you be missing out on something? Is there room for you to expand your knowledge and open up new job types?

Easy SEO for Joomla and Drupal

In most cases, a website content management system (CMS) is not just an option for success of a website, it’s a requirement. Two of the more popular CMS choices around today are Drupal and Joomla.

But how do you make sure your CMS system is configured properly for search engine marketing (SEO)?

Read below for a short SEO to-do list that will help draw traffic to your Drupal or Joomla website.

Investing in Technology: Investing In Your Business

Barack Obama and John McCain differed on many things – social issues, economics, foreign policy and more. One of the things that also differentiated their campaigns was their use of technology. What can your business learn from how two politicians, in the most closely watched contest in most of our lifetimes, used technology?

Traditionally, Republicans have led Democrats in the use of technology to reach and organize local organizers to drive “get out the vote” campaigns. However, in this election, according to all “Monday morning pundits” one of the reasons the Obama campaign was able to rally an army of volunteers and voters was due to its superior use of technology.

What about your business? Are you investing in the right technology and strategically using it to maximize productivity in your business?

Here are some technologies you should be investing in and planning to maximize for 2009:

Recession-Busting Tips for Small Businesses

It’s an understatement to say that the current economic slowdown has created some uncertainty about the future.

To manage this uncertainty, small business owners are probably taking rational steps to protect their business, such as trimming excess expenses and eliminating unnecessary spending.

However, cost-cutting isn’t the only strategy survival – rather, businesses can also focus on maintaining current revenues and priming the pump for future revenues.

But how can a small business do this?

Kick-Start Your Sales Team

Do you want to increase sales? Yes? Well, you’re not alone. In all likelihood, you’re limited by the amount of time you can spend finding, targeting, and building relationships with prospective customers. Give yourself – or your sales team – a boost by hiring an elancer to do your legwork so you can connect with your customers.

Show Your Customers You Care

Showing your customers that you care and value their business is more important now than ever. But how can you do this credibly, and genuinely? The key is to have a reason to communicate (other than just simple appreciation). 

Read on for a few effective ways you can show your customers you care:

25 Online Tools for Freelance Marketers

Effective marketing doesn’t happen by accident. Targeting the right customers and crafting a message that’s not only eye-catching but also creates sales is both an art and a science.

To help freelance marketers – actually, to help any small business or entrepreneur gather and analyze data, find up-to-date information, and develop new marketing ideas, we’ve put together the following list of online resources:

11 Ways to Market Your New Social Networking Website

“Build it and they will come?” Not anymore (if that was ever really true).

Chris Bennett - Guest Contributor

Just building a feature-filled social networking site with a sound infrastructure is only the start of your website journey. Don’t fret, though, because it’s an exciting journey: social networking sites are the most visited area of the Internet. According to recent statistics from, social networking actually accounts for 11% of all web visits.

Seven Sweet Steps to Producing Irresistable Video Content

There are two things I have trouble passing up: Any meat on a stick and any chocolate candy. I have a serious sweet-tooth. It's my blessed weakness, I try to resist, but only half-heartedly.

Shannon Newton, Director of Creative Development for Market7

Your viral video or vblog should be like C-A-N-D-Y. Your audience may have a small tinge of guilt upon consumption, thinking they should be spending their time doing something "more productive". If created properly, they will still gobble up your scrumpdelicious treats. Seven of my favorite candies are listed below, each representing what your video content must be for maximum viral or word-of-mouth growth.

Tips for Incubating your Small Business Idea While Still Working Full-Time

Have you considered starting a business while still employed?

My Shanghai-born friend, Annie, says the Chinese have a term for this: “riding in the big boat while carrying the little boat.”

Some entrepreneurs only launch their business officially once they leave employment. However, they incubate the business concept while employed.

Other times, they actually launch the business and run it on the side while still employed. They may continue to run it as a side business for a period of months or even years. Only later do they leave their jobs.


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