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Writing & Translation

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Writer - horror, fantasy, comedy, and video games
  United States  |  Writing & Translation
 |  9 Jobs  |  $3,413 Earnings  | 
I am a professional writer and longtime gamer, with expertise in both areas. As a published fiction writer and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, I've devoted my life to...

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Native dutch translator
  Netherlands  |  Rate: $12  |  Writing & Translation
 |  5 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am a native Dutch translator and blog owner living in the Netherlands. I translate for Coursera to help make education accessible for everyone. I am studying International Business and Languages....

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Worldbuilder and Gamist
  United States  |  Writing & Translation
 |  2 Jobs  |  $383 Earnings  | 
I design worlds. Give me your concept, and I will make it an experience. I deliver consistent style in print and on screen, flavoring prose and photons to fit the experience you wish to deliver. I...

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Writer / Editor / Proofreader / Research / Scripts
  South Africa  |  Writing & Translation
 |  27 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I have an excellent command of the English language both written and spoken. I have previously worked in the publishing industry where the focus was on niche trade, technical and medical journals....

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Master Educator | Education Technology Specialist
  United States  |  Rate: $20  |  Writing & Translation
 |  1 Jobs  |  $200 Earnings  | 
As a professional educator, writer, medical student, licensed captain, and educational technology specialist, I've had diverse and unique academic and professional experiences that have shaped my...

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Experienced blogger who once ran his own website.
  United Kingdom  |  Rate: $11  |  Writing & Translation
 |  3 Jobs  |  $65 Earnings  | 
I come from a call centre environment having worked for a leading insurance company (RSA) and also for MasterCard. I've once made my own website just as a hobby called

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Freelance translator, editor, and writer.
  Russia  |  Rate: $5  |  Writing & Translation
 |  2 Jobs  |  $15 Earnings  | 
A translator, who, through working on localization jobs, somehow ended up being a game designer and then went back to translating and writing. Whie being a localization specialist, I also possess a...

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Research, Marketing , Design & Business Consulting
  United States  |  Rate: $65  |  Writing & Translation
 |  36 Jobs  |  Private  | 
FinalStepMarketing is comprised of 3 divisions that provide a targeted and complete array of business development solutions that can take any company to the next level. Our Design & Development...

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Words that will maximize your ROI by 200%
  United States  |  Rate: $25  |  Writing & Translation
 |  90 Jobs  |  Private  | 
With six years in the content writing and copywriting business, The Skilled Writer has established a name for itself in both the online and offline markets. Our multi-talented team of writers...

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'Game Designer', 'Data Analyst', 'Writer'
  Turkey  |  Writing & Translation
 |  5 Jobs  |  $587 Earnings  | 
Professional Game Designer, Level Designer, Writer, Indie Dev, and Analyst with released titles. I have more than 2 years of experience in the mobile gaming industry. I offer reasonable prices with...

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Words That Sell
  United States  |  Rate: $15  |  Writing & Translation
 |  165 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Hi I am Michael, a professional writer with over 8 years of writing experience. I can write all kind of articles, blogs and eBooks. I have worked with two of the most known online magazines and...

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Game Developer, Translator and Logo Designer
  Brazil  |  Rate: $11  |  Writing & Translation
 |  1 Jobs  |  $351 Earnings  | 
As a software and game developer, I have experience with educational games and applications, Desktop, Web and mobile game development using LibGDX framework and Unity. I can also offer proofreading...

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Expert Instructional Design Consultant
  India  |  Rate: $20  |  Writing & Translation
 |  7 Jobs  |  $776 Earnings  | 
Medha is an experienced Learning and Development professional with almost 10 years in the field of elearning, content development and editing. Notable Professional Achievements: Designed and...

Currently Unavailable
Professional Writer and Editor
  United States  |  Rate: $20  |  Writing & Translation
 |  2 Jobs  |  $339 Earnings  | 
I am a self-starter technical writer and editor with a keen sense of design to create documents that are both informational and aesthetically pleasing. I focus on user-based criteria as my method...