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Software devolpment and mathematical modelling
  Russia  |  IT & Programming
 |  4 Jobs  |  $64,793 Earnings  | 
Our company is a team of the software developers and technical specialists. The major areas of our company operation are the following: ?? Business automation (for both management and production...

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Software optimization and parallelization
  Romania  |  Rate: $27  |  IT & Programming
 |  4 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Acceleropt provides computing solutions which optimize your software and parallelize it to run on multicore platforms. We can make your application run faster, use less memory, less bandwidth and...

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C++ expert, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, JS, Android
  Belgium  |  Rate: $66  |  IT & Programming
 |  3 Jobs  |  $274 Earnings  | 
I started working as a software developer in 1998 (and programmed as a hobby 10 years before that). I am mainly a C++ developer, but I also have good experience with C#, Java, Javascript, Python,...

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mathematics,C/C++, Objective-C,3D,OpenGL,OpenCV
  Russia  |  Rate: $20  |  IT & Programming
 |  1 Jobs  |  $12,367 Earnings  | 
I am Ph.D in physical-mathematical sciences and master in computer science. I am most specializing in mathematical modelling of physical processes, computational mathematics, numerical methods and...

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Trading Platform Architect/Tech consultant(HFT)
  India  |  Rate: $25  |  IT & Programming
 |  40 Jobs  |  $2,633 Earnings  | 
I specialize in architecting, designing and developing state of the art trading platforms involving trading of stocks, options, futures, swaps, swaptions, forex, commodities for various platforms (...

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10+ yrs experience C++,C#,COM,DirectShow,Direct3D
  Russia  |  Rate: $20  |  IT & Programming
 |  5 Jobs  |  $2,606 Earnings  | 
I developing commectical projects for long time with good quality of service. My goal it to provide best solution for given task. I can decide what technology is better and what will cost less to...

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Qualifyed C++ Developer, Strong Math Background
  Russia  |  Rate: $25  |  IT & Programming
 |  1 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I have experience in the following areas: - Computer vision: motion detection, object detection, object tracking, face detection/recognition, image binding, deblurring, image restoration. - Video...

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Parallel Algorithm Development and Optimization
  India  |  Rate: $12  |  IT & Programming
 |  1 Jobs  |  $420 Earnings  | 
Expertise in developing parallel algorithms to make efficient use of multi-core CPU, GPU, or Cell Processor architectures with over 2 years of C/C++ programming experience. Experience with many...

Currently Unavailable
AWS, Android, Tomcat, HTTP, JSON, XML, MySQL
  United States  |  Rate: $35  |  IT & Programming
 |  9 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Android development. Java Backend and Cloud with AWS. EC2, Route53, Dynamo, Ellastic Cache, Beanstalk, S3, SQS and more. C++/C HPC with MPI, OpenMP, OpenCL or CUDA. Solid Computer Science...

Currently Unavailable
Experienced, highly motivated C/C++, C# developer
  Singapore  |  Rate: $25  |  IT & Programming
 |  1 Jobs  |  $2,738 Earnings  | 
Hi! I have more then 10 years experience as a developer mainly in C/C++, C#. I worked on many different projects for small and big companies in many different countries. I can certainly say that I...

Currently Unavailable
Software developer
  Egypt  |  Rate: $15  |  IT & Programming
 |  13 Jobs  |  Private  | 
A computer science graduate, I am skilled in C#, .Net, C++, OpenMP, OpenCL. Programming micro controllers, working on complex algorithms, enjoy challenges.

Currently Unavailable
Desktop Applications Developer
  Russia  |  Rate: $27  |  IT & Programming
 |  2 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Hello. I am a C# and C++ developer experienced in creating desktop applications in .NET and Qt for Windows and Linux. I also have experience in OpenCV, ffmpeg, OpenMP, COM-interop, ASM, WinAPI,...

Currently Unavailable
Parallel programmer
  Bulgaria  |  Rate: $11  |  IT & Programming
 |  8 Jobs  |  $511 Earnings  | 
Programmer looking for parallel C/C++/Java projects. Linux tasks and scripting are also welcome.