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Composer & Sound Designer for film/TV/games
  United States  |  Rate: $55  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  21 Jobs  |  $7,261 Earnings  | 
I'm a composer and sound designer based in NYC. As a musician, I specialize in electronic music, pop, and classical/film score composition, though I'm stylistically versatile. I design sound both...

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Original Soundtracks, Film Scores, Jingles, & More
  United States  |  Rate: $30  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  2 Jobs  |  $140 Earnings  | 
I am the founder of UMM Productions Inc, creating the perfect sound for your original film, company jingle, or background soundtrack. With dozens of original compositions in our portfolio, we are...

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sound designer, audio, audio editing
  Russia  |  Rate: $16  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  6 Jobs  |  $355 Earnings  | 
My name is Paul I represent a group of young specialists by the name of 'Klukva'. We provide such services as composing, music post-production, sound design, sound post-production, recording...

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Music For Media
  Russia  |  Rate: $22  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  13 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am composer from Russia with over 10 years experience writing for TV, Video Games, Documentaries, Films, and other projects. I believe that every track should be atmospheric, highly emotive,...

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Music Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
  United States  |  Rate: $25  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  17 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Patrick Rundblad is an award winning and celebrated music composer and sound designer with a unique talent for creating unforgettable music and sounds. With credits in film, TV, games, trailers...

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iPhone, iPad, Android solutions
  Ukraine  |  Rate: $27  |  IT & Programming
 |  16 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am a highly-qualified professional with a five-years experience in developing mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad. My specialization is creating and realization applications for all OS...

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Musician | composer | sound designer
  Italy  |  Rate: $33  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  2 Jobs  |  $1,094 Earnings  | 
Jobbe 3.14 soundesign is a young and dynamic company specialized in music and sound fx for videogames - mobile apps - trailers - short movies - jingles.

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Composer, singer/songwriter
  United States  |  Rate: $22  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  4 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am a composer, singer, and songwriter. I have a Master's degree in composition and I have scored many films, web broadcasts, and other projects. I am an actively gigging singer/songwriter in the...

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Music and Sounds for Animations and Games
  Poland  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  48 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I'll provide you music and sounds for animations, videos and games, a complete soundtrack that is especially tailored to your project. ?His work is stellar, kept to the outlined budget, and...

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Taking the Risk Out of IT Innovation
  Russia  |  Rate: $30  |  IT & Programming
 |  105 Jobs  |  $1,493,509 Earnings  | 
14+ years on Elance, 17+ years in software development industry. HireRussians provides safe outsourcing services, secure processes, and top quality results for your business. * Recognition and...

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Video Production & Creative Services
  United States  |  Rate: $35  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  20 Jobs  |  $17,977 Earnings  | 
I am a director, writer, producer, editor with over 14 years experience in almost every aspect of the production business. I have produced over 2000 videos and I am passionate about delivering the...

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Audio Engineer and Video Editor
  United States  |  Rate: $44  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  13 Jobs  |  $26,553 Earnings  | 
I have been involved in digital media manipulation for close to a decade. I create captivating work that is modern, understated, and refined. I pride myself on my excellent communication skills...

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Audio on demand
  France  |  Rate: $27  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  20 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Akoophen Prod is a staff of creative and experienced voice over talents, musicians, sound engineers and artists. We provide with a wide variety of services, ranging from voice over, sound design,...

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Award-Nominated AAA Audio Engineer
  United Kingdom  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  33 Jobs  |  Private  | 
AAA award-nominated audio engineer & composer with published titles by Warner Bros. THQ, Konami, Square Enix and more! Platforms include: X Box 360, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, PC, iOS & Android. Have...

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Innovative digital film specialist
  Mexico  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  11 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Hi there, my name is Paulina. I'm an innovative and experienced specialist in videography and film editor, the responsibility and creativity are the main goals in my professional and personal...

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Audio and Music Production
  Italy  |  Rate: $25  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  8 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Musician and audio producer with 20 years experience in the audio/music field, first as composer and performer with major label productions, then as provider of audio services applied to video and...

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Songwriter and Composer
  United States  |  Writing & Translation
 |  33 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Multi-intrumentalist, composer, audio engineer... I am the Music Man. Whatever genre you need I will make it happen. Whether I use live instruments ranging from ukulele to theremin or software...

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CG Artist
  Bangladesh  |  Rate: $16  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  8 Jobs  |  $900 Earnings  | 
I am a Senior Artist who has been in the CG industry since 2008. Currently I am a 3D/CG Artist, specialized in 3D modeling of organic and hard surface, high-poly assets and low-poly game models,...

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Musician / Composer / Arranger / Orchestrator
  Argentina  |  Rate: $40  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  3 Jobs  |  Private  | 
MUSIC COMPOSER FOR ALL MEDIA Bruno has been working in the music industry for more than 12 years. His passion in music includes composing original music for films, television and other form of...

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  Portugal  |  Rate: $55  |  IT & Programming
 |  23 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I'm a multi-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android), multi-language (C/C++/C#/Java) developer in the areas of computer vision, image processing, video encoding/decoding, 3D graphics and general...

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Sound Designer | Recordist | Composer
  United Kingdom  |  Rate: $50  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  42 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I'm a passionate audio professional with a broad range of creative and technical abilities. I record, edit and design audio, I write music and I liaise with other departments to make sure that the...

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Music Composition, Sound Designer
  Italy  |  Rate: $27  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  3 Jobs  |  $387 Earnings  | 
I am a professional audio engineer. I have over four years experience composing mixing mastering and editing music and other audio and I have a degree in Music Technology and Production.

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professional vocalist/songwriter
  Serbia  |  Rate: $55  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  64 Jobs  |  Private  | 
?One of the most professional singers & voice over artists we have ever worked with. Highly recommend to everyone considering using this contractor. 1000% professional, i can assure you will not go...

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Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer
  United Kingdom  |  Rate: $15  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  5 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am an experienced sound designer, audio engineer and composer based in Worcestershire, UK working in whatever musical style you need including contemporary-classical, acoustic and electronic...

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Musician/Composer/Sound Designer
  Sweden  |  Rate: $15  |  Design & Multimedia
 |  1 Jobs  |  $300 Earnings  | 
Musician with over 15 years of experience and published titles, versatile composer and sound designer. As musician I have gained experience of several instruments and styles of music, and by means...