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Data Mining Specialist
  United States  |  IT & Programming
 |  2 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I have degrees in biomedical informatics and molecular biology. I have been published in the fields of NLP, text mining, machine learning, data science, and predictive analytics. I specialize in...

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Statistician - Predictive Analytics
  India  |  Rate: $14  |  IT & Programming
 |  18 Jobs  |  Private  | 
~~MS in Applied Statistics ~~ Professional Statistician with a flair for Data Analysis. I love to derive new insights from data and predict trends My expertise is statistical data analysis and...

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web scraper, crawler, scraping, crawling, scrape
  Turkey  |  Rate: $10  |  IT & Programming
 |  340 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Im the best freelancer for web scraping / crawling / automated data extraction solutions on elance. I am doing web scraping jobs only and completed over 500 jobs and served hundreds of clients. My...

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  Germany  |  IT & Programming
 |  2 Jobs  |  $15,862 Earnings  | 
I'm a TextMining Expert and provide especially Text Mining Services and Natural Language Processing. My programming languages are Java and Python. I'm a big fan of ElasticSearch and I can help you...

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Web Scraping, Scraper, Data Entry, VB & PHP Coder
  Brazil  |  IT & Programming
 |  147 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Responsible and dedicated web programmer with 6 years of experience providing quality web scraping and software development services, always on time and within client's budget. My goal is to get...

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Expert on Machine Learning, Algorithm, Data Mining
  United States  |  Rate: $88  |  IT & Programming
 |  2 Jobs  |  $16,929 Earnings  | 
I've had over 10 years of solid consulting experience on data analytics and web programming. I joined IBM T.J. Watson Research, Industry Solution group in Spring 2012. I worked as a J2EE software...

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Machine-Learning Consultant
  India  |  Rate: $30  |  IT & Programming
 |  5 Jobs  |  $1,912 Earnings  | 
I have 4+ years of experience in Machine Learning Research Scholar ( Machine learning, Data Mining, Natural Language processing) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Master degree holder in...

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Engineer in statistics
  Morocco  |  Rate: $22  |  IT & Programming
 |  8 Jobs  |  $599 Earnings  | 
I am State engineer in statistics with three years experience. I have very good experience in the statistical processing of data. I conducted several practical studies about statistical analysis...

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R Expert
  France  |  IT & Programming
 |  5 Jobs  |  Private  | 
- I am an R Expert with more than 10 years of software development. I am an active contributor in stackoverflow site (68k). I am ranked in the top 10 under the R/ggplot2 tags. You can visit my SO...

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'Intelligent empirical analysis'
  United Kingdom  |  IT & Programming
 |  55 Jobs  |  Private  | 
INPIRICAL is an independent research and development company producing superior analysis, tools, and policies by adhering to a rigorous intellectual framework and robust empirical methods. We...

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Expert Data Scientist - R, Statistics, Data mining
  Argentina  |  Rate: $38  |  IT & Programming
 |  21 Jobs  |  $5,361 Earnings  | 
For the last three years, I took part in large projects for companies such as Telefonica and involving diverse data science task such as: - Designing predictive models to predict...

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Quality Leads our Way
  India  |  Rate: $3  |  Admin Support
 |  206 Jobs  |  Private  | 
An India based offshore data service company specializing in online & offline data entry, data conversion, image entry, book entry, form based entry, OCR scanning, excel data formatting, scanned...

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Wording Your Ideas
  United States  |  Rate: $15  |  Writing & Translation
 |  857 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Catching the imagination of others and then planting a seed that would flower and come to fruition is all what we do. We have a dynamic team of writers who are masters in their own fields and...

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Moderate rates. Advanced skills. Superb value
  India  |  Rate: $5  |  Admin Support
 |  283 Jobs  |  Private  | unlimited email account holder. With fifteen years of experience in contact research, market research , media and social media research. An out-of-the-box thinker who will provide you...

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  United States  |  Rate: $16  |  Writing & Translation
 |  76 Jobs  |  $9,469 Earnings  | 
I am 100% goal focused to use my writing skills to satisfy YOUR writing requirements. I pride myself on being professional, prompt, thorough, trustworthy, flexible, experienced, a credible...

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Software developer.
  Netherlands  |  Rate: $22  |  IT & Programming
 |  22 Jobs  |  $3,359 Earnings  | 
Developing desktop and web applications using mostly c#/.net and sometimes ubot studio, winautomation, selenium framework, imacros. Developing cryptocurrencies(like bitcoin or litecoin)....

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Quality Results - Every Single Time.
  United Kingdom  |  Rate: $27  |  Writing & Translation
 |  34 Jobs  |  Private  | 
Over eight years specialist experience in high-calibre German to English translation. Web, biz, technical, IT. Formats - pdf pptx docx xlsx html etc. UK/US English optional. My specialty is in...

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Remote solutions for your business !
  Romania  |  Rate: $4  |  Admin Support
 |  10 Jobs  |  Private  | 
With our experience, We strongly feel that for any job that is outsourced the most important requirement of any client is proper Communication, Quality of deliverable, Timeliness and last but not...

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Native French journalist, writer and translater
  France  |  Writing & Translation
 |  52 Jobs  |  $2,240 Earnings  | 
I am a Native French speaking female and my name is Anne-Sophie. I am graduated in journalism and I am an experienced writer and translater on Elance with over 50 completed projects. I have worked...

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Web Scraping | Delphi | PHP |
  Bosnia and Herzegovina  |  Rate: $11  |  IT & Programming
 |  31 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I'm software developer for over 10 years. Over that time I was involved in many projects including point of sale software, business, financial institutions, dental practices and data scraping...

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Data Mining, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence
  United Kingdom  |  Rate: $18  |  IT & Programming
 |  12 Jobs  |  $1,682 Earnings  | 
I have done masters in computer science and currently doing specialization in data mining from university of iilinoise. I have 2+ year experience in Data Analysis using business intelligence tools...

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Oh the places we've been
  India  |  Rate: $4  |  Admin Support
 |  273 Jobs  |  Private  | 
I am an Individual professional in Research, Data Entry, Mailing List Development, Office Management, Word Processing, Fact Checking, searching linkedin contacts. If you are looking for quality...

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- Get Your Toughest Projects Off Your To-Do List -
  United States  |  Admin Support
 |  81 Jobs  |  $19,118 Earnings  | 
*** Do You Like Getting the Results You Want? *** Need to Stay on Budget?*** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings!...

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Data Analysis, Mining, Process Improvement
  United States  |  Rate: $43  |  IT & Programming
 |  6 Jobs  |  $459 Earnings  | 
As you Elance is migrating to Upwork. I am accepting all NEW jobs there. Same profile. My area of expertise is in data analysis and mining. I have worked in a Microsoft environment for the last...

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OS X developer / data analyst (SQL, VBA)
  Ukraine  |  Rate: $20  |  IT & Programming
 |  47 Jobs  |  $9,637 Earnings  | 
Last 2 years I've been working as Mac OS X developer. I have over 10 years experience in developing SQL-reports, VBA. I've completed on oDesk and Elance more than 50 web scraping projects, VB...