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Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Oct 06, 2015  |  Closed  |   7 Proposals
I recently received a letter from Citibank informing me that they received a Garnishment Order and therefore frozen $x amount of dollars from my account. I would like to fight the Garnishment Order on the basis that I never received notice of the law suite, and therefore that is the only reason I had lost it - and I want my fair day in court. The sum of money that the plaintiff was awarded as above and beyond what could possibly have been owed to them (so perhaps 80% of it is attorney fees). I need an attorney or paralegal to take my step by step through this process and show me what my options are. How to fight something, what basis I have - and what my odds are. The alternative is to reach a settlement agreement. My other questions involve, how long before the money that is frozen is actually released to the defendant? And what are the chances that the court would reconsider this matter on the basis that I was never properly served? The matter at hand involves a signed contract w...
Category: Bankruptcy       

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| p****tik
|    United States
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Sep 03, 2015  |  Closed  |   13 Proposals
Here is whats on my mind. --------------------------------------------------- Marketing & Booking Agreement: The Homestay agrees that My company and my website will be provided exclusive rights to book for their rooms. We will list their property on our website and provide them bookings. The homestay will agree that they will not list their property on any other websites or take bookings for any other travel agent or service providers, online websites like, tripadvisor, etc. Naming Rights: If they would want to list their homestay on other websites, then they will allow us to change the name of the homestay on our site, as we feel fit and list it on our site. And they will not use the same name(new name) to market their property through other websites. Inventory Update: The homestay will update the inventory of Rooms available regularly with us, through emailing the status to us. Hygiene: The Resort will offer clean and neat room, bath and premises, will maintain hy...
Category: Contracts       

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| m****gli
|    India
Hourly Rate: More than $50 / hr   |  Duration: 3-4 weeks  |  Posted: Aug 12, 2015  |  Closed  |   2 Proposals
This morning, I have received a letter from Paypal claiming that the products I sold online was infringing their client intellectual properties. Below is the email content Dear Dylan We received a court order on August 6, 2015, affecting your access to your PayPal account due to possible infringement of intellectual properties of their client. Until further notice, your ability to send payments, receive payments, withdraw funds, or access the funds in your PayPal account has been limited. I am selling a sporting goods brand products at a e-commerce marketplace. And there's other sellers who is selling the similar products as mine. To extent of my knowledge, the products I sold are all genuine products. I even can send a sample to prove that. I am sure they are messing me up with other sellers who might be selling counterfeits. I need a lawyer assistance on this issue as I been wrongly accused. I would like to know if you can assist me in this case. I just want Paypal to release my ...
Category: Business and Corporate       

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| d****tam
|    Malaysia
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Aug 07, 2015  |  Closed  |   2 Proposals
Background In 2009 Director of BSS (a UK Private Ltd Company) who has authority by its board, invested business funds ( a loan from a third party) into a property that jointly owned by the Director and her estranged husband. Both Mrs & Mr Elliott obtained a permission to lease mortgage from Halifax in October 2009 which gives the parties (Mr & Mrs Elliott) the right to lease the property to any third party for a rental fee of up to 10 years during which the mortgage will expire. The Director and her estranged husband agreed Jointly to lease BSS the property for business use and it was on that basis that BSS moved into the property investing over 20000 which are all accounted for. No written lease agreement was issued to BSS by Mr Elliott and Mrs Elliott and the basis of this agreement is that BSS will operate there for the 10 year period which is what was verbally agreed based on the mortgage with Halifax. Mr Elliott handed over the keys to Mrs Elliott ...
Category: Business and Corporate       
Skills: Contract Law, Corporate Law, Family Law       

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| s****ott
|    United Kingdom
Hourly Rate: $10 - $15 / hr   |  Duration: 7-9 months  |  Posted: Aug 03, 2015  |  Closed  |   12 Proposals
I run a small personal injury law firm and need assistance on the front end of my cases - pre-litigation. This will be an ongoing relationship if services are adequate, prompt and cost-effective. The services I am looking for are as follows: I. Sending out the initial representation letters. This would entail: 1. Sending Plaintiff's Medical Insurance Provider Letter of Rep: Using the insurance information I provide to contact the insurer and get the case assigned a claim number/adjuster with which to begin negotiations. Then send that individual a form letter I have prepared and obtained and updating my records with the relevant adjuster contact information. 2. Defendant Insurance Company: Obtain the claim number / adjuster information regarding the defendant and then sending a form letter of representation. Obtaining the requested documentation / information I request in the letter, including the policy limits and declarations page of the defendant's insurance policy. Updating...
Category: Personal Injury       

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| s****lea
|    United States
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Jul 28, 2015  |  Closed  |   0 Proposals
I looking a freelance which to recover my money from a website. Team website are thieves, this team stole my money from my account. In 06.05.2015 I created deposit in a website from credit card 511.85 EUR In 22.06.2015 I request my money 457.09 euro from my account in paypal account, had to receive on 07.07.2015... but in 06.07.2015 team website deleted my request and team say send my money in credit card. Today is 26.07.2015 but I not receive my money in credit card !! I sent messages in 15.06.2015 for: support... I receive a message from autoresponder but team not response !! I saved talks with two persons from website... I have pdf and screenshot. Moneys for my lawyer must be recovered from website (have office on Canada). I prefer lawyer from Canada.
Category: Internet Law       
Skills: lawyer       

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| f****ano *
|    Romania
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Jul 08, 2015  |  Closed  |   5 Proposals
Company is raising funds by borrowing from private investors. The contract needs to describe the terms and conditions and should include these (and maybe other) elements... 1. How funds will be received a. Wire Transfer b. Who pays for the transfer 2. How funds will be paid out a. At end of contract (by default) i. Principal and interest will only be transmitted in $USD to the account number indicated on original loan contract b. At the request of the lender before maturity date (FORM) i. 14 business days to send back principle only. To the account specified on the original loan agreement ii. Principle only will be send back, all interest will be forfeited c. Change of account where money should be send back (FORM) 3. Investors Options at end of contract a. Principle and interest will be paid out b. Principle reinvested, Interest only paid out c. Principle and interest reinvested 4. Wire Transfer Fees a. Investors responsible for the fees 5. Note ...
Category: Contracts       

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| a****001
|    Canada
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Oct 19, 2012  |  Closed  |   8 Proposals
If the foreign people can register LLC not visiting the USA, then I'm ready to receive your company registration offer. Thanks. ------------------------------------------ Added 19 OCT 2012, 15:28 PM EDT And if there is any way to open U.S. bank account, welcome.
Category: Incorporation       
Skills: Corporate Law, Legal Consulting       
Preferred Location: United States

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| H****hov
|    Ukraine
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