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Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 16h, 8m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 7h  |   2 Proposals
PROJECT DESCRIPTION I need someone with knowledge form shipping industry safety and quality departments such as people form Company's Designated Person Ashore (DPA) or Company Security Officer (CSO) Master, Safety Officer or Ship Security Officer (SSO) Training Officers for Drills Training provide me in word format : ntroduction to the drill Scenario Guidelines to the DPA or CSO for the drill preparation Guidelines to Master/Safety or Security Officer for proper drill execution Sample Scenario Sample office records Sample messages to be exchanged to and from the vessel Flag notification of safety/security incident Drill evaluation guidelines It is a fully stand alone MS Word document divided into five sections as follows: Introduction and regulatory requirements Ship/Shore drill scenario including instructions to the vessel for participating in the drill Office Records (items to be crosschecked for the drill) Sample Messages to be exchanged between office and vessel Drill Evaluati...
Category: Office Management       

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| m****rti
|    Australia
Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: Apr 25, 2015  |  Ends: 13d, 10h  |   12 Proposals
I have a web application that was partly built but not completed. What the website does: 1) The Website asks 20 or so questions (with drop down answers) You can see this part here:   [obscured]  /getinvestorready/question.php 2) the user selects answers, and registers. 3) Once registered, it asks him to pay. 4) After payment, it creates a PDF which client can download from login section. 5) Coupon function is there, and that seems to be working fine. 6) Email templates seem to fire, and I wanted to make sure that this works fine, and fix bugs where necessary. The PDF answers are generated from the Backend - So, if you select for Question 1: Answer 3 From drop down menu, then the Website creates the Pdf using text from answer 3 from backend. In Admin, the place where you enter all of the information, and text is all setup, but I am not sure whether this work with the PDF generation or not. At the moment - Front end is full developed, user login is developed, admin is ...
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: PHP, WordPress       

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| v****int
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Apr 22, 2015  |  Ends: 10d, 17h  |   14 Proposals
This is a special project that requires heavy CSS work to provide pixel perfect results. I will provide a base HTML file of design of an ecommerce website and you will need to achieve new designs with CSS. For this project, this website consists of the following several sections only. 1. Main shop page with product grid 2. Individual product page 3. Content page (Like an About page) 4. Checkout page The trick here is that these pages are styled with two files: application.css override.css Application.css is called first and styles the base design, but override.css is called second and much of the classes there overrides those in application.css. Hence, creating a new design. What I need for this project is for the developer to create new designs (which I will provide) using only new, additional override.css files, without touching application.css or the HTML at all. So for each new design, it will just be a brand new override.css file, styling the same HTML. The end result nee...
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: CSS, HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap       

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| P****Ray
|    Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: Apr 22, 2015  |  Ends: 10d, 11h  |   9 Proposals
Hi. I have 3 small plugins that all pretty much work off of WooCommerce Checkout (ie. order completion). I am selling virtual products (sort of like licenses). I'm trying to finalize this now - it's super close to working. Need help now. 1. Plugin selects from available licenses then sends out on a complete order - it doesn't seem to be firing now since we tried integrating the other 2 new plugins. 2. 1 new plugin was added to manage referrals (links and coupons). It's supposed to automatically create a new coupon (which is linked to the Buyer) upon a completed purchase - that way I can have shareable referral coupon codes like Uber (ie. JOHN123). Looks like it works, but it also creates additional coupon codes on additional purchases (which it shouldn't). It also does not insert the correct coupon type. I'm using Product Type not Cart. Also, it's inserting it as 0/1 which will only work for 1 coupon use. It needs to be the little infinity icon or 9999. 3. We added a 3rd plugin wh...
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: MySQL Administration, AJAX, HTML, PHP, Woocommerce       

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| H****res
|    United States
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Apr 21, 2015  |  Ends: 1d, 1h  |   4 Proposals
We have a requirement for someone to update an existing on line basic fire training course that we require updating on behalf of a client. The client requires the following actions/changes to our material: ? On the menu page remove option to go straight to final assessment (everyone should have to do the course in its entirety each time). ? Remove the ability to skip through the course, every page should have to be viewed. Add two or three questions throughout each model to demonstrate understanding, which have to be answered before progressing. ? Final assessment questions should be refreshed regularly. The existing course was developed using Flash and delivered using Captivate. We have all source code etc... available
Category: Other - Multimedia...       
Skills: Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate       

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| A****HSE
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Apr 20, 2015  |  Ends: 15h, 31m  |   8 Proposals
The developer will use the Google Places API [1] to create a custom Appcelerator Alloy Texfield widget that assists the user via autocompletion. Requirements: - Appcelerator titanium / alloy - Google Places API The expectation is that this field will work like the google maps autocomplete field (see attachment) Once the user selects an item in the autocomplete, the field will be populated with the 'full_address'. This autocomplete textfield should work on iOS and Android The widget should fire a custom event when the user selects a location. The following data should be passed through that event: - latitude - longitude - google places id - full_address Developer requirements: - expert knowledge of Appcelerator (Titan certification preferred) - knowledge of git (bitbucket) Developer will deliver working code to bitbucket repo as delivery of project. Please include links to your code samples (github, bitbucket, etc) in your proposal. [1] -   [obscured]  /...
Category: Mobile Applications       

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| m****lit
|    United States
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Apr 15, 2015  |  Ends: 78d, 9h  |   3 Proposals
Do you want to paid for making this job into an algorithm or do believe that software cannot be made without an algorithm? STOP. But if you want to change communication for the better, let's develop this project together. Let us take voice, change its bandwidth to 125 Hz, send the digital data to another location and play the original voice. This open source software project needs to do this. I know how to do the hard part, but I don't do software. There are four parts to this project which should be done in order. 1. Change the 16 bit samples from a soundcard at 48,000 Hz sample rate to 16 double numbers at 125 Hz data rate. C code has been made and has just been tested. 2. Change the 16 double numbers at 125 Hz data rate to one binary digit at 125 Hz data rate. 3. Modify FLDIGI open source software to take the stream of binary digits at 125 Hz data rate to another location and recover the stream of binary digits at 125 Hz data rate. 4. Change each recovered binary digits at 125...
Category: Software Application       
Skills: C, C++       

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| 1****3dB
|    United States
Hourly Rate: $15 - $20 / hr   |  Duration: 7-9 months  |  Posted: Apr 15, 2015  |  Ends: 78d, 5h  |   15 Proposals
DRUPAL FRONT-END DEVELOPER Who we are French company with talented web project managers and high expectations. What we do We are working with key account customers on complex web / mobile projects which usually involve between 3 to 10 people over a few months time (3 to 12 months). How we do that All web projects managers are based in France and will work with the best technology experts all over the world, in order to ensure quality results within the timetable given by the customer. Job Description Who you are You are looking for long term job which will help you to speed up your learning curve. You are able to work in English. You don't like bad quality (at all !). What do you do You make technologies speak to each others. You manage data, implementing some brillant piece of code and using the proper Drupal modules. How do you do so You are never afraid by caching solutions and can join them all togethers (varnish, memcache, apc, ...). You really know what HTTP is, and w...
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: HTML, PHP, Drupal 7, Frontend Development, LESS       

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| S****Rys
|    Ukraine
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Mar 12, 2015  |  Ends: 44d, 3h  |   7 Proposals
Hi for this job im looking for someone, who has Experience with Google tag Manager and know how to set-up , implement various task using one click tag Manager ! For E-commerce : we send you a link ( Google Developers > Ecommerce Documentation to implement Web-hocks to track E-commerce events ! In documentation source code file values can be checked, which later you need to customize - test - and diploy , it should not take more than 2-3 hours ! Auto Event Tracking : Google tag Manager allow to run auto Event tracking , More details + what Exactly is required i share on our skpye call . Custom tags Implementation : Custom Tag feature will be used for various kind of source file integration! For example : Adwords Retargeting Twitter Retargeting . API Improvely API You must be capable & familiar with Data-layer The great thing about Google Tag Manager (GTM) is that you are able to gather most of your tracking scripts in one place. You can then ...
Category: Search Engine Marketing       

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| S****dia
|    Switzerland
Fixed Price: $1,000 - $5,000   |  Posted: Mar 10, 2015  |  Ends: 135d, 2h  |   11 Proposals
*Ecommerce site:- ,,  [obscured]  ,  [obscured]   type small 200000 up electronics components and parts required consummations given in attachment and now how to running manual is given in .doc link *Market place:- Market place as ebuy,Amazon type admin panal & vender panals with off line inventory database syn-crones same as open erp with our name if you understand perfectly replay first 'debug' *both with full featured and secure web hosting total solution with complit source code project (e.g. domain name security,encryption,database copy protection ,fire wall security,ip & mac address trace etc.....) this is video link   [obscured]  /file/d/0B8Fl2vqpRp91REN3UktXNkdYZjA/view?usp=sharing other one link is in .doc is now running manual work
Category: Other IT & Programming       

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| M****tel *
|    India
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