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Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 1h, 2m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 22h  |   3 Proposals
THIS BID IS FOR 100 ads a week to be posted to some of the most popular platforms ( c list, bpage, hoobly, olx, pennysaver dot com, locanto you know who, please state the name of the platform in your bid.) for TV INSTALLATION SERVICES in the area of MIAMI DADE, BROWARD and PALM BEACH I will supply the specific copy, for about 10 ads, and they will be the ones that can be always randomly rotated and posted on the cities I designate. Pics can be lifted off my website. Bid your best price all inclusive of elance fees. The winning bidder Cannot use my account...Winning bidder worker must use their own account or accounts for this platform. Bid is for 100 ads per week, and I will set up job in elance for 4 weeks at a time, 100 ads for each week. This is ongoing work. I am looking for a dedicated, pro who regularly does this type of posting. Payment will be released every 100 ads AS THAT IS COUNTED AS COMPLETE WORK. IF you cannot complete 100 ads and want to stop before you hit 100, then y...
Category: Ad Campaigns       
Skills: Advertising, Marketing, Craigslist       

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| i****tv2
|    United States
Fixed Price: $20 - $40   |  Posted: 3h, 53m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 20h  |   9 Proposals
Your job is to research companies through an online directory, then create a spreadsheet of all companies in the categories listed, within the suburbs listed. Specifically, use   [obscured]   and search for each business category I have listed below, in each suburb I have listed below. For example, your first suburb to research is 'Manly, NSW', and your first category is 'Pharmaceutical' so you would start searching on yellow pages for 'Pharmaceutical' in 'Manly, NSW'. You would then enter the details of any company that falls within those specific search terms (more instructions on accurate searching below) into an excel spreadsheet under the following headings; - Company Name - Address - Email - Phone Number - Category I expect 1500 business listings under all of the categories and suburbs listed. If you get to 1500 and there are still more listings available I will review your list and then arrange for additional payment to complete the list if necessary. Suburbs to Targe...
Category: Lead Generation       
Skills: Internet Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales       

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| M****olf
|    Australia
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 5h, 7m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 18h  |   2 Proposals
I have purchased the Good Layers Mediso theme for my construction company's website. We are trying to do something very cool that has never been done before and we are hoping to be able to transform the woocommerce section on our page to better fit our needs. We are looking at creating a site that generates work order estimates for our potential clients which essentially is an online shopping site without anything for sale (Like an E-Window-Shopping-Site). We will have a list of our services and we will also display the options for products that will be used such as brand, color, size etc. Once they have gone through and selected the services and and products based on their scope of work we want them to be able to have an option of saving the itemized list as a PDF, printing the estimate or both. Once they select which method that they prefer they will click finalize and they will have their estimate and we will get emailed a copy of the work order and we will then call them to follow ...
Category: Website Design       
Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP       

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| T****egc
|    United States
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: 1-2 weeks  |  Posted: 5h, 23m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 18h  |   2 Proposals
Hey! If you're free right now, and you'd like to help my coding team with a very specific task, then get in touch turnaround is 24-48 hours for this task We have a wordpress based site, with a custom template for a 2 step checkout process. On the first step we gather the customer basic information to create/update his account, using the email as primary field. On the second step we collect further information or retrieve the additional information from the infusionSoft Contact's API if the contact exist. On this step we additionally gather credit card payment information, which we'll use to place an order. The inherit validation process is implicit here, and you should be familiar with this. Additional Information: - We'll be using infusionSoft PHP iSDK. -This a secure custom checkout (SSL already purchased) - All Calls will be made via AJAX. - We Won't store credit cards information in the infusionsoft data service. - The process should validate credit cards and payment informa...
Category: Other IT & Programming       
Skills: AJAX, HTML, PHP, API       

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| p****hip
|    New Zealand
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 9h, 43m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 14h  |   1 Proposal
For My Website? I need it to flow with clickable links to direct my inquirers Ideally I would Like to Lead My inquiries with coupon offers for three Services Training With GJr Saturday Sidewalks Transformation Challenge I can Supply: Wording, offer, logo, and creative pics that Show off what I do or what it is I need you to do the formatting, make it look cool, add some design, get me running up to date. I have a separate site that I run my payments through. Right Now it is Titled "Register Now"- It Leads to Mind Body Online And it takes you to my schedule and then payments Ideally I would like the clickable link/ Coupon offer (That You Create) to lead them to my final landing page, and then at the bottom and a standard Sign Up Now Button The coupon creation that I need you to design needs to be in Digital Web File and Print File On My current Site: My 3 tabs on my home page are outdated: Ideally I would like these new coupons you create to replace the generic aw...
Category: Design Project Management       

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| c****sjr
|    United States
Fixed Price: About $20   |  Posted: 10h, 5m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 13h  |   2 Proposals
Hello, I am using a plugin which processes payments via stripe on my wordpress page. I need to include a checkbox to the form that when you sign up you agree with Terms of Service. I will send you the 2 files needed for the change, 1 that displays the form, other that checks different things in that form. So you would need to create that checkbox field and make sure it is checked when the form is submitted. Thanks. Here is what the developer told me: "Hey, So you'd need to add some custom html to the forms in the /pages directory of the plugin to show a checkbox. You'd also then want to add code to check the checkbox is checked and throw an error. This will go in the customers.php in the /includes directory. Should be pretty straightforward for someone who knows a bit of PHP. Hope that helps"
Category: Blog Programming       
Skills: CSS, PHP, WordPress       

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| m****007
|    Canada
Fixed Price: More than $10,000   |  Posted: 10h, 34m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 13h  |   6 Proposals
We are a web design, SEO, and marketing company looking to expand and hire a new sales closer. The Process: We have a cold caller make phone appointments and consultations with decision makers (among many different industries) then we have our sales closer get on the appointment and close. For sales that don't close over that phone call we send them a proposal and have you do a follow up call. We will give you all the information for what we can and can't provide as a service to these prospects as well as the qualifications these businesses must have to be able to work with us. You must feel comfortable and have experience in asking for rates anywhere from: $2k-$10k over the phone. We can talk details and payment if you message me. thanks.
Category: Other - Sales & Marketing       

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| K****ons
|    United States
Fixed Price: $20 - $24   |  Posted: 13h, 1m ago  |  Ends: 29d, 10h  |   1 Proposal
Article Writing x 6 3D Printing Service 3D CAD Printing Service 3D Model Printing Service 3D Prototyping Service 3D Prototype Printing Service Rapid Prototyping Service Requirement: 300++ words in length Technical Research & Knowledge Clear distinction Moderate understanding on 3D field Deadline of article: Within 14 days of writer selection -Content must be engaging and informative. -Quality Content. No fluff or filler. -100% original content (no copy-paste/ plagiarized, re-spun content) -Written In proper US English and grammar You AGREE not to re-use, re-spin, re-sell or re-distribute the articles. I will hold full rights to the articles once payment has been made. If this project meets my expectations, the writer can look forward to many more writing projects from me, each month.
Category: Technical Writing       

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| Z****ean
|    Malaysia
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 13h, 32m ago  |  Ends: 6d, 10h  |   9 Proposals
1. About Sprachenlernen24 provides online language learning courses for German native speakers. Currently we offer courses for more than 80 languages. 2. Summary You will create 4 animated banners for each course and one set of 4 banners for our service in general. This means you will be designing 324 banners for us. Product shots and text will be provided. The project will have 2 milestones: 1st Milestone: You will create one set of 4 banners for only one of our products in the 4 banner formats listed below and revise them until they meet our criteria. 2nd Milestone: You will take that exact design and apply them to our other 80 language courses plus one set of banners that will advertise our service in general. This totals in 324 banners. Please submit these banners in either .xcf or .psd and also .jpg and .gif. 3. Banner formats Please provide the banners in the following formats: 728 x 90 Leaderboard 640 x 480 Maxi Ad 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle 160 x 60...
Category: Banner Ads       
Skills: Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Banner Ads       

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| g****lub
|    Germany
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 14h, 46m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 9h  |   2 Proposals
I want to launch a 'service' member based website. The website needs to be highly scalable and automated. Each user will have their own profile (a bit like facebook) and it also needs to have the ability for payment for upgrades for extra features (maybe payable through paypal). The web-site needs to be able to be used worldwide and utilise pay per click advertising and affiliates. My vision is that the site will be used across the world by 'parents' and I am looking at high volume members who will use its functionality. Eventually I would like a mobile app so that the experience is more user friendly. It is quite a complex format and there is a unique 'point' system that will need to be built to tranfer 'points' between members. I also need a link to google maps and possibly a screenwalk video of how to use the site. The site will need to have a function where automatic e-mails are sent to members and links to social media. I am looking for an outstanding web designer who also has a...
Category: Website Design       
Skills: CSS, HTML, Web Design       

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| A****123
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: 16h, 13m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 7h  |   4 Proposals
We are a healthcare marketing company that works primarily with private practices in the medical and dental industry. Our core services are website development and SEO solutions, but we also specialize in social media marketing, brand development, and digital strategy. We are seeking a qualified candidate to generate new business for our company. Your job would be to target prospects in the healthcare vertical (doctors offices, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, dermatologists, chiropractors....essentially any private practice or healthcare company) and sell them our services - ideally a new website or Search Engine Optimization. This is our first time using a freelancer to do outside sales so this will be a learning experience for us. At the moment we would like to arrange a generous commission-only payment structure to test the waters and see if this is a viable solution. This could very quickly turn into a 'base salary + commission' opportunity for the right candidate who demo...
Category: Telemarketing       
Skills: Lead Generation, Sales, Telemarketing, Marketing       
Preferred Location: North America

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| _****mac
|    United States
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: 17h, 24m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 6h  |   2 Proposals
It is necessary to invent the concept, the idea and the terms and conditions for the participants of the video competition. Description: TASK: You are to develop the idea of the video competition for   [obscured]   The competition itself and its terms and conditions are to be simple, understandable and should arouse interest and encourage the participation in the competition. The essence of the competition: Participants of the competition capture on video and send their video clips for the competition, in which they use the service of StretchPay (SP) for the payment for the services provided via the video chat. All the videos are published on the Internet and with the help of the open vote among the participants and the audience, the best video clip is chosen. In the process of making the video for the competition, the participants, the audience and the voters should get acquainted with the payment service SP and the benefits of its use. The objective of the competition: The vid...
Category: Viral Marketing       

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| A****816 *
|    Russia
Fixed Price: $175 - $325   |  Posted: 18h, 35m ago  |  Ends: 6d, 5h  |   3 Proposals
Project Description:   [obscured]  / Technology: MySQL Database with a PHP frontend. Database structure is ready and we have a team already working on Amazon integration. Scope of Work: 1. Search Ebay Listings based on EAN (barcode) from a product in the database and retrieve essential information: price, category hierarchy, specific information etc. 2. Periodically List / relist products with Ebay 3. Update products to reflect price and quantity changes 4. Automatically download new orders from ebay and a. Create new customer record if customer does not exist b. Link order details to customer c. Add payment details into back office database 5. Adjust quantity information against product item (i.e. reduce by each item sold) 6. Update ebay with order information once orders processing has been completed on ebay These processes should be run using CRON jobs and must be run for each customer. Details of each customers database will need to be retrieved from the database. I w...
Category: Customer Service       

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| c****ons
|    India
Fixed Price: More than $10,000   |  Posted: 18h, 47m ago  |  Ends: 29d, 5h  |   4 Proposals
Dear sales specialists! We are high-tech software development and consulting company in Ukraine. You can read more at   [obscured]   We have several long-term clients and looking for additional opportunities to grow. Thus, one of the approach if to find sales manger in West Europe, USA, Australia and Canada. As you can find on our site we are mostly working with complex solutions based on MS .NET Technology stack, Cloud computing, and modern front-end web technologies called HTML5. We are open for different formats of cooperation. Please add your approach to sale our services and desired model of payment/cooperation to your bid. Looking forward for your bids, Dmitry Peleshenko, CEO, Tesseris Pro LLC
Category: Sales Presentations       
Preferred Location: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central & South America, Australia/Oceania

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| T****Pro
|    Ukraine
Fixed Price: $20 - $25   |  Posted: 19h, 3m ago  |  Ends: 2d, 4h  |   8 Proposals
Our Company is looking for a Writer to provide accessible content for our blog. Primarily providing quality content, and ghost-written content for our senior executives including comment and opinion pieces, and technical advice on asbestos management in the Infrastructure sector. All candidates must have: ? Strong background in English language grammar (active, fluent English, without grammar or spelling errors) ? Experience in writing quality articles ? Great writing and creativity skills ? Research skills Desired experience and skills: ? Environmental education, environmental experience or knowledge about asbestos/Infrastructure ? Interest in environmental related topics is an advantage Basic writing guidelines for writers: The content you provide will be unique. Our company will own the content you provide and you agree to forego all ownership and attribution rights. You agree not to republish the content you provide elsewhere, including your own blog. Target audience is U...
Category: Ghost Writing       

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| A****tor
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: $500 - $1,000   |  Posted: 20h, 41m ago  |  Ends: 6d, 3h  |   54 Proposals
Hi, I'm looking for a Wordpress developer to create a website for me. The developer will need the plugins listed below. Please say Cherry to confirm you have the plugins below. The functionality required will be as follows: - eCommerce engine (Plugin e.g. WooCommerce plugin) - Subscriptions engine (e.g. WooSubscriptions addon) - Gifting (e.g. Smart Coupons plugin) - Payment engine I will supply you with the theme but I need someone that is competent in Wordpress. Please remember I know how easy it is to create a Wordpress website so don't over-quote as I can just develop it myself if it comes to final cut. The price you quote will be the FINAL price. I will not pay for anything apart from themes. Thanks P.S. If any of you have suggestions on where I can find a similar service to Shopify that EFFECTIVELY allows subscription payments please tell me!
Category: Website Design       
Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress       
Preferred Location: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

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| a****han
|    United Kingdom
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: 21h, 22m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 2h  |   0 Proposals
I need to organize an online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers and to let them keep some balance on their accounts with my company. (  [obscured]   can be an example) This seems to require an Escrow license if done from the US entity. Is there any jurisdiction that does not require such a license? Is there any other ways to avoid Escrow licensing? Is there any services like but not limited by US? Consulting services are needed on how to build an international online marketplace
Category: Internet Law       
Skills: Licensing       

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| a****lla
|    Ukraine
Fixed Price: $400 - $600   |  Posted: 21h, 52m ago  |  Ends: 6d, 2h  |   23 Proposals
HI, The current site has a custom form used to purchase services (music recording/mixing) with PayPal integration. We would like to replace this form with Gravity Forms/Paypal Payments (addon) The Gravity Form is almost done and needs to be integration into our system. Other bug fixes may need fixing. ============================ Here is a short over view of the ordering process which has been built out already. 1. User sign-in -> Give their project a Title -> Pick services (they can pick predefined packages or select individual services) 2. Review order -> Option to edit order -> Pay via PayPal 3. Upload music file to the site (built out already).
Category: Web Programming       
Skills: MySQL Administration, HTML, PHP       

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| K****onz
|    United States
Hourly Rate: Not Sure   |  Duration: Not Sure  |  Posted: 23h, 51m ago  |  Ends: 14d, 0h  |   13 Proposals
I have a Bitcoin based investment business for which I need bookkeeping services. I have been up and running for a few months now, but have not yet created a new company in Quickbooks, so there would be some leg work in setting up the accounts properly. The ideal candidate will not only have a strong background in bookkeeping and Quickbooks, but also be able to properly account for transactions that are denominated in US Dollars as well as transactions that are denominated in Bitcoin. I will need guidance by someone familiar with US accounting practices. The business engages in the following types of investment transactions: - Issuing USD denominated loans - Issuing Bitcoin denominated loans, where principal and interest payments are in Bitcoin - Purchasing/Selling stock in companies where the share price and dividends are in Bitcoin - Trading Bitcoin denominated futures contracts. - Creating new Bitcoins through a process called mining, where mining expenses may be in both USD an...
Category: Accounting       
Skills: Bookkeeping, Intuit QuickBooks, Accounting       

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| R****erp
|    United States
Fixed Price: Less than $500   |  Posted: Jul 09, 2014  |  Ends: 13d, 23h  |   8 Proposals
About us We are currently seeking writers from all over the world who are willing to write 35-40x articles of about 200-300 words each on a variety of topics for our retail websites. Please find below the details of the article requirements. Languages required (No English and Spanish) Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish Content required Informative and entertaining, light-hearted articles, e.g. Tips on.../How to.../Interesting facts.../etc Unique articles in each language (not translated articles) 200-300 words per article One article per category 35-40 articles in TOTAL Categories to use Flights booking center; Sea and river cruises; Cars and vans; Hotels and apartments; Women's trends; Men's trends; Shoes, boots and specialty footwear Costumes, party dresses and wedding specials; Jewelry, bags and accessories Face and body care; Eye care; Medicine; Maternity wear and accessories Kids fashion; Toys and more; Homewares; Garde...
Category: Article Writing       
Skills: Article Writing, Content Writing, Blogs       

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| m****ead
|    United Kingdom
Fixed Price: Not Sure   |  Posted: Jul 08, 2014  |  Ends: 13d, 19h  |   3 Proposals
Small operation needs Android developer with WordPress coordination experience to configure Braintree transaction services. This is a small configuration project of a well known transaction brokering application, Braintree Marketplace. Access via remote location is prefered. We provide environment all additional access requirements. Marketplace is a Braintree product that is employed to support payment of services using Eclipse as the development IDE for Android. A web server will be provided to execute the PHP configuration. For familiarization with our business, see attached PDF file. Job description: We require an Android developer who is familiar with WordPress and JAVA integration to setup Braintree Marketplace on our host server and configure the application to integrate with our transaction brokering activities. The application will be configured to support activities that empower coordination of our marketing efforts which enable our customers to conduct sales from Andro...
Category: Mobile Applications       

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| N****C12
Hourly Rate: $20 - $30 / hr   |  Duration: 3-4 weeks  |  Posted: Jul 08, 2014  |  Ends: 13d, 17h  |   3 Proposals
Hi! I have several companies that need shopping cart solutions to allow my clients to purchase various services I provide. I use Quickbooks for accounting, and just switched to for my payment provider, and want to put my shopping cart links on my wordpress websites. I am great at what I do, and know just enough about technology to be dangerous. That's where you come in!
Category: Other - Finance & Mgmt       
Skills: Authorize.Net Development, quickbooks       

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| d****ard
|    United States
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