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Alexander Shcheblikin

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# Linux & UNIX Administration, Coaching & Consulting
Service Description
My services are intended for those having had enough of cheaper providers.

Still, it's affordable.

While my rates are higher than those of India's best contractors, they are at the sub-US level, striking good balance between your possible fears of uncertainty dealing with someone 6,000 miles away and decent professional standard.

I'm inviting you to try me out.

From the moment you accept my proposal we can switch right over to the phone so that you'll be able to talk to me like to a local.

I'm reachable at a US phone number 8am - 5pm EST, Mon - Fri.

Just talk your business and see how I fit in.
Unix Administration (General)
Awarded: 2001
Internet Security
Awarded: 2001
National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"
Bachelor of Computer Science
National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"
Computer Systems Engineer
IT Consultant, Interpreter
2004 - Present
Freelance-Consulting in UNIX deployment & operation Wireless LAN planning & setup SEO & SEM Consulting Designed & implemented Web presence enhancement campaigns for a number of entities Russian-English Consecutive Interpretation
Hosting Service Provider "Haldex"
UNIX Developer
2005 - 2005
Project: "Advanced VPN" The essence of the project was building SaaS platform for VPN-based service set. Developed Web Proxy part within the "Advanced VPN" project Designed custom by-client filtering proxy configuration system with large capacity in mind Programmed web-content filters Day-to-day responsibilities in a group of 7 UNIX Administrators: Overseeing network of almost 200 production UNIX servers in 2 datacenters Making for 100+ TB of total monthly bandwidth Managing 1000's of domain names and IP addresses
ISP Farlep/Kiev
UNIX System Administrator
2001 - 2003
Designed & implemented company-wide OS unification project Designed network-wide scheduled system backup process with minimized human intervention Automated domain registration procedures reducing processing time & manual operation errors Built secure interfaces for basic administrative tasks and delegated routine work to duty-engineers freeing up admin's time Implemented network monitoring system with pioneer reporting to mobile devices. Reduced incidents response time to seconds Managed network security Managed services: Network News, DNS, Proxies, FTP, RADIUS, ISP User Account Management software Administered Web servers (Apache, MySQL, user accounts) Developed jail-like environment for resource-hog virtual hosts in an effort to handle rapid gain in virtual web sites Provided training for duty-engineers (UNIX, shell, Perl, vi, etc.) Additional support for E-Mail, Network traffic accounting and shaping; Set up elaborated traffic shaping system, limiting bandwidth according to network route costs
Information Technology Center "Alternativa"
System Administrator & Programmer
2000 - 2001
Provided outsourcing UNIX administration for ISP "Intercom" & IMMS Developed Web Store with full shopping process ("Shopping Cart") and store management support Developed prototype for SSL Certification Authority Developed efficient WWW ad-blocking system as an HTTP proxy
International Information Technology Center INT
System Administrator & Programmer
1997 - 1999
Administered network of UNIX-based servers OS: AIX, Slackware Linux, Red Hat Linux, Applications: Oracle RDBMS, web servers, LDAP server Installed & managed Netscape, Oracle & other server software Implemented & managed SSL Certificate Authority used in “SIC” (System for Internet Commerce) project “SIC” maintenance: Web servers administration, clients support Researched Internet security issues
Cybernetics Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
Oracle Developer
1995 - 1997
Programmed modules for Oracle RDBMS applications (Oracle Developer/2000 in Solaris and HP-UX environments) Ported Oracle Developer applications between MS Windows & UNIX platforms Had a hand in installing and tuning of Oracle products Learned system administration of Sun server (SparcServer1000) and workstations (SparcClassic, SparcStation4, Ultra1) Installed & upgraded OS: Solaris 2.4/2.5; Integrated PC's into UNIX network
Payment Terms
* I usually charge a minimum of $100 per support incident or per small "act of development".

* More complex cases may run you $200-$500+ a pop.

* To optimize for continuous service you may opt for $300/week retainer fee.
Alexander Shcheblikin | Elance

Alexander Shcheblikin