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Kathleen Martin

Professional, Experienced and Detail Oriented.
   United States
  |   Lexington, KY
  |  9:42 pm Local Time


Kathleen A Martin offers boutique marketing agency services including content creation, social media management, marketing strategy, program development, project management, event strategy and development as well as public relation services.

With over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, Kathleen is an awarded veteran of both traditional and new media marketing.

Kathleen will strive to meet and exceed your expectations through excellent service and dedicated support.
Service Description
Why partner with Kathleen Martin?

Kathleen offers all the benefits and services of a small boutique marketing agency. This allows her to provide a variety of services for a few clients. Kathleen is not a marketing agency powerhouse where your business will get lost in the crowd. This allows Kathleen to offer personalized and unique services to her clients and work with your business to reach your goals and objectives. Personalized service, specialized programs, dedication and a commitment to exceed your expectations is what sets us Kathleen apart from other freelancers.

Kathleen A Martin is a freelance marketing strategist, experience and proven program manager and an award winning professional speaker on topics including marketing, brand management, and social media.

Kathleen is a former marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company. She has also owned her own marketing agency employing as many as five employees and four contractors. Kathleen has lived and/or worked in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cincinnati. She currently lives in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

Kathleen has worked with non-profits focused on women and children’s welfare as well as health and wellness. She is an advocate for small businesses and networking communities.
University of Phoenix
Business Marketing
- 2011
The Greenbo Agency
2009 - 2012
Rocket Comm
2007 - 2009
Lexmark International
Channel Marketing Manager
1997 - 2007
Payment Terms
Lump Sum Project Billing:
50% of the total project fee is payable upon completion of the contract and 50% is due at the time of project completion.

Hourly Billing:
For projects that are based on hourly pay, bills are expected to be paid at the end of each week. Invoices will be timely.

Real Estate Videos:
Real estate videos are generally shot with very strict deadlines in mind. To that end, we strive to have our videos completed, edited and uploaded by the very next day so you may get them listed and on the MLS. The fast turnaround time and long editing and compression times, coupled with the need to keep prices low prevent us from offering standard options that may be offered with other types of video production.
Video is complicated, technical and time consuming. The files are massive. We are able to provide video tours of real estate at a significant reduction in price from what you would normally pay for a video of this quality due to several cost cutting factors:
1) We follow a templated format.
2) Each video takes more than 5+ hours in transcoding, editing, and compression for the web. Any changes, no matter how tiny, require a complete re-edit and recompression of the material, so there is no such thing as "small changes". Therefore, we do not offer previews, we do not offer client edits (as we do for videos for other industries that cost well over $500).

Satisfaction Guarantee:
We offer a full service guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we will work with you until the project meets your satisfaction. We offer two revisions on all design and writing projects.

We will happily correct any errors that we make at no charge. Any additional editing, changes, etc. that you would like made after the fact are $100.
Kathleen Martin | Elance

Kathleen Martin