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Trish Lambert

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How passionate are you about the project you have posted here?

Stop reading if you want to get copy for the lowest price, or pay peanuts for good marketing expertise. I'm not the provider for you.

If you want a writer with loads of experience and/or a marketing expert with a proven track record, high quality and customer service standards, and a partnership approach, read on.

I provide a wide range of copy writing and marketing services for businesses looking for the best value for their money and the best possible results.

My Lifetime earnings on Elance (that is, since 2004) across ALL categories exceeds $115,000, which represents only a fraction of total revenues in my marketing consultancy. Elance has been such a good source of business, both as a buyer and a provider, that I teach a course to providers to help them understand how to win awards here.
Service Description
I used to have a bunch of 'business speak" sentences in this section talking about the value I bring to your business.

While it's true that I bring scads of value to any project I work on, whether for copy writing, ghost writing, or for marketing consulting, it is not authentic for me to talk in terms that can be found in pretty much every company brochure on the planet.


"I do not often use the term expert but find that it is the one word that comes to mind when discussing Trish Lambert. Trish is truly expert at her craft. Trish is not only a well educated marketer, versed in consumer psychology but an incredibly talented writer with a keen ability to deliver sharp, articulate copy that stands heads and shoulders above the competition. She brings passion and professionalism to every project and every client has benefited from her wisdom and creative touch. Trish does more than write good copy, she truly enhances the messaging enabling clients to attain success beyond what they imagined. I highly recommend Trish to anyone in need of marketing or writing expertise, there are few who do it as well as Trish." Karen Swim--Owner, Words for Hire


I don't do the usual kind of writing, because using the same phrases and style as everybody else isn't going to help you stand out from the competition or capture your reader's interest. So why should I describe my own services with tired, cliche language?

If you want writing that is fresh, thoughful, and targeted to your audience, call on me. You won't be disappointed.

Here is a sample category list of copy writing projects I have delivered to loads of happy clients over the years:

-- Web copy
-- Articles
-- White papers
-- Reports
-- Manifestos
-- Presentations
-- Course materials (student and teacher)
-- Case studies
-- Email campaign pieces
-- Autoresponders
-- Advertisements
-- Direct mail
-- Reviews
-- Product descriptions

If a category is missing, it's more likely that I just forgot it than I haven't written stuff for it!

Oh, and I have loads and loads of samples. You tell me the kind of project you need done, and I will provide samples from similar projects. (Please note that I will not provide spec work; if you cannot get a feel for my talent from my portfolio, then it's better that we don't work together).


"I've had the pleasure of working with Trish in a variety of capacities over the last 10 or more years. Originally, we worked in the same Company where she assisted me in developing a complex communications and change management plan for a complex outsourcing deal we had won. Trish did a fabulous job of building a FAQ site on the SAIC and client intranet sites to address questions and concerns for employees who would be transitioning from our client to SAIC. She did a fantastic job of anticipating the concerns employees would raise, working across multiple departments to build a knowledge base and then weaving it all together in a creative and well thought out interface.

"I've also retained Trish as a Consultant / Entrepreneur at 4Rmarketing. She did a fantastic job of building a couple of different marketing documents that chronicled our various accomplishments for several of our key clients. This required her to interview technical staff within SAIC as well as on the client side.

"She is a very creative writer and has access to equally talented individuals, whom she deftly manages to meet tight timelines and budgets."Â? -- Rex Ballard, Senior VP, Science Applications International Corporation


In more than two decades around the marketing campfire, I have seen a lot of changes. Technology has opened up new marketing opportunities to companies of all sizes, and it's an exciting time to be in business.

One thing has remained constant, though. Marketing is about influencing prospects to progress toward buying from you, and a lot of that influencing is accomplished through communication and relationship. Whether you are a large firm in the technology space, or a solo home business owner selling your services, you need to clearly understand how your target market thinks, what issues it is dealing with, and how you bring value and solutions to the table. Every marketing project I undertake is based on this.

I am very involved in the social media scene and have a well-established presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I can manage result-producing campaigns that integrate well with your more traditional marketing strategies.

I will manage your marketing project to produce (or exceed) the result you are looking for...and you will find me a great strategic partner who is focused on your success.

Othat than that, whether I am writing or managing a marketing project, I am professional, responsive, reliable, and lots of fun to work with! And what can be better than that??

Let's get started on your project today!
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Certified Small Business Coach
Awarded: 2008
Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA)
Writing Workshop Leader
Awarded: 2006
Payment Terms
Standard terms are full payment into Elance escrow account, with 50% released up front, and 50% released upon delivery of approved final. This applies to 90% of projects. We can negotiate different terms if your project is different than "usual."
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