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About the Company

My name is David, and let me tell you about a special passion I have.

It's a passion for increased life, for accomplishing more in less time, for being able to achieve greater goals, to go faster, and farther.

My passion for increased efficiency is so strong, that it drives me, from the moment I wake up, until I close up my shop at night, to find new and innovative ways to develop websites even more quickly than before, but while maintaining the same high standard of quality, reliability, and security.

I want you to be successful in your worthy goal, and to achieve your aims, and I want you to have the maximum benefit of the use of information technology to do so.

That's why I've developed Parnassus Framework for PHP and jQuery:

With Parnassus, you can lock in any new HTML5 Bootstrap or Responsive theme in just a few minutes!

This gives you an incredible head start for your project.
Service Description

I have been working mainly with Bootstrap-responsive templates to design websites and web applications that show nicely on all devices.

I have on-hand actual devices, an Android phone, and an iPad, to test all our sites, and we also use tools from Electric Plum to simulate devices of all sizes.

If you have a website that is not responsive, or that was designed to be responsive, but is not showing properly on one or more devices, I can help.


I am passionate about using Open Source development, up to and including my own MVC framework for PHP (see below.)


My best practices are constanly evolving. At the time of this writing, I advocate using an architecture that consists of the following components:

** Twitter Bootstrap 3, or Semantic UI: Providing the best User Experience across all devices and screen sizes

** BackboneJS, with Handlebars: Allowing us to scale up feature-rich mobile-ready applications, quickly and easily

** LESS CSS: Better management of site styles and layout

** Parnassus REST API: A fast and reliable REST API, included with our Parnassus framework, that is ridiculously easy to deploy and use.

** MySQL Open Source Database: providing the scale and speed to serve the vast majority of applications and websites.


(Note: Parnassus used to be called X-Objects)

I invite you to check out my framework, developed as Open Source, and licensed under the MIT Open Source license agreement:

I took my experience working with similar frameworks, like Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter and Simfony, and borrowed the best features in each of those, to construct Parnassus.

I also added some tools and utilities that allow me to create and upgrade my applications in lightning speed, by taking common repeatable tasks, such as composing Views, Models and Controllers, or adding new components, and bundling them as simple commands.

My framework includes tools to deploy new applications in minutes, with bundled features like a REST API, Facebook Login, Third-party API connectors, UI animations, and more.

Earthdance Networks, LLC
contract web developer
2010 - 2010
I am contracted by Earthdance Networks, LLC to provide new live website functionality to support the organizations business productions, specifically their annual world-wide festival events. Live site: My work thus far has entailed: -- creating initial database, logic and UI to support 2010 event registrations -- create site admin console to manage and report on data submissions and control site features -- create an asynchronous XML feed of data to support live Map function on site:
Ensemble CRM, LLC
co-founder & lead consultant
2007 - 2009
Provided consulting, systems architecture and business analysis services to customers of application platform, as well as new customers desiring to develop new applications. Began first as an independent consultant, and grew organically to incorporate. Worked with CEOs, Vice Presidents and other business executives to analyze existing business processes and existing technologies, and created implementation and migration plans for CRM and platform. Examples of consulting and implementation services provided: -- Review of existing business processes, and design of an implementation plan, data migration plan based on business processes and/or use cases. -- Design and implementation of a data model. -- Migration of legacy data into, including clean up and inspection of data, mapping, and exceptions. -- Creation and modification of business objects and business rules. -- Training for end users and administrators. -- Design specification for custom development (Apex, VisualForce, Sites) to implement client requirements. Managed development and deployment of Apex and VisualForce code into client production instances. Performed work primarily in San Francisco Bay, but also for remote clients around the world. Incorporated with Curtis Christensen to form partnership. Architected and implemented information systems to manage business processes such as sales, account management, contract management, invoicing, equipment provisioning, and customer service. Generated more than USD 500,000 in company revenue. Clients included Kayak Software Corporation and Fat Spaniel Corporation.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms

We know that it's important to pay, and be paid for, results, so we never ask for up front payments, to be delivered BEFORE the Milestone is.

Having said that, we often ask that large projects be broken down into clear milestones, so that payments can be spread evenly and fairly across the lifecycle of deliverables, thus avoiding huge lump-sump payouts at the end of a potentially long project.


We generally prefer Milestone payments, since they reward for results, and provide the best way to satisfy budget requirements.

In some cases, where the scope is unknown or evolving, we know it makes sense to have hourly payments in these cases.
Peter De Rogatis
Bragbook Media, LLC, Founder and CEO
Client originally contacted us to help them modernize and revamp their online digital resume platform. The current version at that time was based on older web standards, and was not responsive, nor scaleable. Working closely with the client over the course of more than a year, we deployed and fine-tuned two subsequent releases, up until today's publicly available version. The site was also rebranded, and now shows as Samples available in our Portfolio. Working closely with the client, we deployed a host of add ons and plugins to solve a variety of User Interface challenges, from multimedia uploads, display of videos from various third party sites, dynamic text and image editing, and more.
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