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About the Company

We are building dynamic web and mobile web applications quickly and efficiently using a proven architecture, and the skill of design and attention to details and the final result.


-- BackboneJS

-- REST/JSON API integration (Facebook, Twitter, FirstData (Bank of America), Stripe Payments)

Service Description
We are building web and mobile web applications using a consistent, proven architecture based on best practices and popular Open Source tools:

1. Responsive Skin: We mostly use the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework (, but also occasionally use baked templates from, Skeleton (, or Less Framework.

This allows us to deploy beautiful, fun and creative user interfaces for any type of application, that also show well on all mobile devices.

2. BackboneJS: Providing some backbone to our JavaScript and jQuery code has proven to be indispensable in creating dynamic web applications that can be maintained and modified quickly and easily over time.

3. X-Objects REST API: The X-Objects "out of the box" REST API ( can be configured in about 30 minutes or less, and can provide the client with the kind of fast, secure responses required to feed live data quickly into the application.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Bachelor's of Science in Computer Sciences
1991 - 1995
Earthdance Networks, LLC
contract web developer
2010 - 2010
I am contracted by Earthdance Networks, LLC to provide new live website functionality to support the organizations business productions, specifically their annual world-wide festival events. Live site: My work thus far has entailed: -- creating initial database, logic and UI to support 2010 event registrations -- create site admin console to manage and report on data submissions and control site features -- create an asynchronous XML feed of data to support live Map function on site:
Ensemble CRM, LLC
co-founder & lead consultant
2007 - 2009
Provided consulting, systems architecture and business analysis services to customers of application platform, as well as new customers desiring to develop new applications. Began first as an independent consultant, and grew organically to incorporate. Worked with CEOs, Vice Presidents and other business executives to analyze existing business processes and existing technologies, and created implementation and migration plans for CRM and platform. Examples of consulting and implementation services provided: -- Review of existing business processes, and design of an implementation plan, data migration plan based on business processes and/or use cases. -- Design and implementation of a data model. -- Migration of legacy data into, including clean up and inspection of data, mapping, and exceptions. -- Creation and modification of business objects and business rules. -- Training for end users and administrators. -- Design specification for custom development (Apex, VisualForce, Sites) to implement client requirements. Managed development and deployment of Apex and VisualForce code into client production instances. Performed work primarily in San Francisco Bay, but also for remote clients around the world. Incorporated with Curtis Christensen to form partnership. Architected and implemented information systems to manage business processes such as sales, account management, contract management, invoicing, equipment provisioning, and customer service. Generated more than USD 500,000 in company revenue. Clients included Kayak Software Corporation and Fat Spaniel Corporation.
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