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Mark Berghan

100% Guaranteed Professional Translation services
   New Zealand


Speaking Their Language: A2ZTranslate Ltd., your professional translation supplier.

Why use A2ZTranslate Ltd.?

- established in 2002, we have been in business for 13 years
- company owners are translators and linguists; they know what makes a quality translation and they actively work in the business
- as a legitimate company we hold full professional liability and indemnity insurance
- excellent references and contactable referees
- all translations delivered independently proofread (we do NOT do translation only services)

100% Guarantee: if we accept a project we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. If you find any errors in our translation, we will correct those errors and the entire project is free of charge.
Service Description
We have in-house translators and project mangers, and a network of tested and assessed translators in over 30 language pairs. We offer:
- translation services in 30+ languages
- website and marketing materials translation
- multilingual search engine optimisation services and online marketing
- foreign language market research (sourcing buyers and/or suppliers)
- foreign language admin support (email processing, on site interpretation etc.)

Working across multiple language groups, services include web based market and keyword research, marketing materials development, translation, localisation services and foreign language email processing (for clients that do not have in-house target language skills)

Here is why we are the best at what we do:
- we have been around since 2002
- we are a registered company (search A2ZTranslate on the NZ companies website)
- we have full liability insurance; in 13 years it has never once been claimed on. Check if you like, we are professionals
- we have in-house, professional translators
- we guarantee our work

For those new to buying translation services remotely.
If you are buying translation services, please confirm the following (whether it be an individual or a company):

1. You can verify the name, address and phone number of the translator (so you actually know they are a real person/company)
2. The translator has full professional liability insurance. All professional translators have this (if the translator mistook an "off" for an "on", what consequences could there be and who would be liable?)
3. You verify the translation. Don't just verify the translator (by a test translation before you start the project). Verify the translation as delivered to you. Take a small sample (around 200 words source text) and send it out to another translator for verification.
Payment Terms
Please specify your timezone when requesting delivery dates.

We prefer to use Escrow here on Elance.
Large scale projects by negotiation
Please see detailed terms and conditions on our portfolio page.
Yuko Suzuki
Musubi Limited, CEO
Website and brochure translations for multiple clients.
Angela Delecke
Red Carpet Presents, Events Marketing & Administration Manager
Translation of website, advertising and brochures.
Alex Lovell
OBD Ltd., Managing Director
Multilingual website design, construction and search engine optimisation.
Mark Berghan | Elance

Mark Berghan