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Last Sign-in: May 23, 2015

Abel Scheder

Music Producer & Composer
  |  1:13 pm Local Time


Detail oriented work from me and my great studio team. Feel free to contact me and I will help you with the best members and equipment what you need. Special offers for ongoing and large projects.

Some feedback from our amazing clients around the world:

"Abel was really awesome. He was professional, fast, honest, knowledgable, responded to e-mails quickly, and, most importantly, gave me exactly what I was looking for!!"

"Quality of work was above expectations. And the time to finish was faster than schedule! Happy to recommend and re hire in future projects!"

"Abel is a great guy. Easy to work with. Very prompt. Very accommodating. Would like to recommend him to all, and use his services again."
Service Description
SchederSound is a complete solution for different types of audio & music customers, personalized and high quality.

- Available 12/7
- Unlimited revision
- Unique offer for the large and ongoing projects
- Studio Team (singers, musicians, voice actors, producers)
- Premium device and instrument collection
- Massive Data Storage
- Positive Reference

WHAT KINDS of projects have we done?

- Composing
- Background Music for audio programs,
videos and events
- DJ mixing for shows, events and partys
- Sound Design and applied music composing
- Voice Over cleaning, mastering
- Mixing and mastering
(from the eletric music to the live rock band)
- Noise reduction
- Music extending
- Music Re-recording / Karaoke / Backing Track
- Pitch correction, Autotune remix
- SFX Recording


Qualified professionals, musicians, producers

In our studio carefully selected professionals, musicians and producers collaborate, aligned for specific tasks. We consider very important the qualification and musical background of our colleagues working with us.

Massive Data Storage

With our digital security backup, we guarantee the storage for many years of the final project files of the music you ordered. So, if in the future, the quality of the files deteriorates or they are deleted for any reason, please contact us with confidence and we will re-send original quality files without additional costs.

Multiple review

After having received the materials you ordered for your project, you can review, reconsider them and if new ideas come to your mind or you would like to improve something, we will undertake this at no extra charge.

100% Originality

Our works do not include recordings, loops or audio samples from other sources. We use exclusively samples recorded and / or created by ourselves, but preferably we use newly recorded audio samples for each project.

Premium device and instrument collection

In our studio, we use only premium quality devices and musical instruments.
Some brands: Apple, M-Audio, Audio-Tehnica, AKG, Fender

Positive Reference

Our references reflect the quality of our work and the immediacy of our contacts.
We strive to make exactly what each of our customers "has dreamt of".
I Media International
Music Producer
Awarded: 2009
I Media International
International Certificate
2008 - 2009
SchederSound Studio
Owner/Music producer/Composer/Session Musician
2012 - Present
Payment Terms
None specified
Abel Scheder | Elance

Abel Scheder