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Ab M.

40+ years in Idea, Product/Invention Development
   United States
  |   Portland, OR
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Intuitive, Full Brain Innovation

See full bio on website AbMobasher. com. 40 years experience in Product & Concept Development, Design/Engineering Services, Prototyping (Virtual and Actual), Tooling & Manufacturing.
R&D Expert, Master Machinist and Tool & Die Maker.

Clients receive more value than expected! Please Read Reviews.

Super Invention is our specialty.
Down to earth communication in simple language.
We'll turn your simple idea into a superior product with the best chance of success.


You are FULLY protected by NDA

Conceptual Sketches
Innovative Product Development in Solidworks
Virtual Prototyping
Models & Prototypes

Scope your idea for practicality, cost & marketability.
Identify best tooling, technology, manufacturing & production.
Research competitors & market acceptance.
Prepare Provisional & Utility Patent, Copyright & Trademark
Service Description
Concept and Product Development Consultant
Develop your idea or innovation from concept to reality.

See portfolio: https://www.elance.com/s/abmobasher/portfolio/

Ideas are dime a dozen, whereas a properly developed and protected invention is considered as "Intellectual and Trade-able Merchandise," often worth millions of dollars.

As your teammate, I will develop your IDEA to have the greatest chance of being a profitable REALITY. I pay close attention to all the details, designing and developing projects with novel, practical, manufacture-able and marketable features, above and beyond current expectation.

For your own protection, please read informative INNOVATION 101 and complete our Idea Evaluation (http://www.abmobasher.com/books.html) before making ANY decisions about your project or idea.

FIRST and FOREMOST - Your IDEA will be protected with a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Projects will go through the following stages:
1- NDA-Confidentiality Agreement is signed.
2- Originator provides general description of each project.
3- Project is reviewed and a general course of action is discussed prior to any commitments.
4- All available and prior work /research will need to be disclosed to expedite the project.
5- I highly recommend a patent and product search before product development begins.
6- I often do hand sketches 2-3 versions of your concept, with many features incorporated in the designs to enhance your IDEA.
7- Project SCOPE is decided and agreed upon, depending upon practical mutual time schedule and your budget.
8- You will receive the final work in eDrawings, JPG, PDF, STL, IGES or STEP or DXF formats, created in Solidworks,.


My name is Ab Mobasher and I am an idea and New Product Development Specialist. I have over 44 years of experience in the invention industry, as I am an inventor myself. Since the beginning of my career I learned to wear all the different business hats required to become a good inventor then combined additional education with diversified experience to learn and know the full innovation, tooling and manufacturing process.

Now, over the past 30+ years, I have been successful in working with different technologies, serving many clients in developing their projects and moving hundreds of ideas from idea and simple concepts into reality.

My industrial career started in 1969 as a technical inspector for American Motors. I worked in assembly and press plant, working with fixtures, production and quality control. I have always enjoyed the challenge of not only solving problems but also finding better answers.

I have gone all the way through the innovation process, designing and developing hundreds of inventions, created technical drawings and engineered a wide variety of products and technologies, I have also machined and fabricated the prototypes, and the precision tooling and machinery needed to manufacture some of those products.

I have also created prototypes and tooling, models and patterns. My highly detailed Star Trek Sci-Fi miniatures received the H. G. Wells Science Fiction award.

I have developed parts for Texas instrument, McDonnell Douglas, GE, Boeing & Bell Helicopter. Worked as master machinist in printing industry, prototype machinist for Siemens ultrasound. l am also a designer, master engraver, master machinist, tool and die maker and industrial engineer. I have made high precision aircraft parts, designed and made new products including tools, patterns, molds and parts for: Rotational Molding, Injection Molding, Investment Casting, Reaction Injection Molding, Die Casting, Spin Casting, Boating, Thermo Forming and sporting goods and consumer Industries.

Impossible is our Specialty!

There is always a solution for so called impossible. Super Inventing is the standard of my service and the competitive edge you need for ALL patent submissions and marketing.

As I look at each project, with my 40 plus years of product development experience, I see the often missing details involved in developing your idea, including the vital elements of human factor, form and function, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing processes and costs. Other important considerations are enhancing marketing potential and your ultimate bottom line-profit.

I share with you is the result of working with hundreds of inventors and professionals, as well as many lessons learned in the past by my own trial and error.

You will find many, How-to books written by so-called professionals with impressive credentials and expertise. However, I have found that many of these books are written to make money for the author and lack basic, practical and CURRENT information that will successfully lead you through the maze of the innovation process.

You must develop your idea to a "Marketable Invention" First!

This is probably the most important and least talked about reason for "NOT" jumping for a patent before you are really-really ready!

Have you ever seen a patent? If not, go to www.uspto.gov, look up patents, pull up a couple and see how primitive most patent drawings are prepared. Some of these patents look like they are created by and for people from the 1800's era! Granted, all these patents meet US Patent requirements, but they are far, far from a finished product - the kind that you see in stores.

More importantly, most of these patents also have components that the average creative or technical person can easily improve upon and then get their own patent (Stealing your IDEA), thus making the original patent obsolete, really!

The reason for the primitive drawings is economy; these applications are often prepared by a patent draft person who had to make a drawing, only needing to meet the basic requirements and do it in shortest time to make it cost effective, NOT FOR YOU, but for them!

Now, bear in mind that some patent attorneys charge $5,000 -$10,000 (or as much as half a million or more in some cases) for a patent. Some of these patents as mentioned earlier, can and will be easily copied or modified, leaving the original inventor high and dry with an expensive and useless piece of paper issued by the Patent Office.... Ouch!!

In order to protect your idea, you must "Increase and Expedite" your chance of getting a profitable patent that goes beyond the basic requirement of the US Patent Office.

Looking from a patent attorney's or a patent examiner's point of view, if a simple idea is turned in for a patent application, the poorly developed invention is often rejected on the grounds that it is "Obvious"! In another words, unless your invention is a novel and properly developed idea, your chance of getting a patent is very slim.

Big corporations spend millions of dollars in R & D, making sure they enter the battlefield fully prepared. In fact, many of those big boys would not even talk to an average inventor unless the concept has gone through initial development, with 3-D drawings, virtual or physical prototype looking closely like a "Finished Product".

For your own protection, please read informative INNOVATION 101 and complete our Idea Evaluation (http://www.abmobasher.com/books.html) before making ANY decisions about your project or idea.


I am still uploading images. There are 1000's of files from a lifetime of work, more added each month! Plus, many more that can't be shown publicly due to our consideration and obligation to intellectual properties of our clients.

Earlier works were designed on a drafting table. Corel Draw was utilized in most early works between 1990-2004. Drawings since 2004 are created in SolidWorks. I also use Sketchup, PhotoShop, In Design and Illustrator along with a number of other programs for our graphics and presentation works.

Looking forward to being on your team and to OUR Shared Success.

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1971 - 2009
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1968 - Present
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Payment Terms
I only work with serious minded clients seeking top of line results backed by personal and very diversified hands on experience not thought in schools or universities.

i work selectively with potential projects and individuals and companies that mean business and want superior results and willing to pay the fair price for actual results. Many of my clients come to me after expensive pitfalls often caused by lack of experience of service providers that have a good computer and superficial portfolio yet never been in a machine shop or hardly seen any production facility.

Due to great demand on my special talents and valuable time i only work on First paid First served basis
Ab M. | Elance

Ab M.