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ABN Software Inc.

C++ C# Image/Video NodeJs Java
   United States
  |   Cupertino, CA
  |  3:30 am Local Time

About the Company

Software consulting services: C++, C#, CUDA, OpenCL, Java, NodeJs
Service Description

1. Video and image processing, effects, generation and streaming.

2. High performance computing using CUDA, OpenCL, Intel IPP, OpenMP in C++.

3. Large scale data analysis: MapReduce, NoSQL, 10TB - 2PB databases.

4. Windows Desktop and Windows Metro Applications using C# and C++.

5. Web applications and web services using NodeJS, Amazon Web Services, ASP.NET

Master Certification in C++
Awarded: 2008
Washington Secretary of State
Certificate of Incorporation
Awarded: 2009
Lomonosov Moscow State University
MS in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
1992 - 1997
Apple Inc
Software Engineer
2009 - 2010
Microsoft Corporation
Software Design Engineer II
2001 - 2009
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Standard terms for small projects - less then 4 weeks or less then $2000:

- 0% upfront
- the balance in 30 days upon successful project completion

Medium and large projects - more then 30 days and more then $2000

- split into monthly milestones

Lenny Rachitsky
Webmetrics, a NeuStar Service, Manager of Engineering
RIA Monitor infrastructure development: C# Windows services, IE monitoring plugin (BHO), Ruby integration and Ruby scripts
Sergey Osobov
Microsoft, Senior Software Engineer
Development of high-performance network applications - Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2, Windows Meeting Spaces and Microsoft SharedView. User interface development using C++ (DirectUI, WTL, Win32), desktop and application sharing using RDP.
Ken Wolfe
Microsoft, Lead Software Engineer
Office addins development using C++ and ATL/COM for Microsoft LiveMeeting
ABN Software Inc. | Elance

ABN Software Inc.