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A-Cubed Software Limited

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About the Company

A dynamic and young IT company specialising in all aspects of web development including design, development of CMS (both open source e.g. Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. and bespoke) and ecommerce, testing, consultancy and project management services. Technical specialisation includes: HTML5, Adobe, Flash, jQuery, AJAX, XML, PHP/MySQL, Yii Framework, Mobile Apps.
Service Description
A-CUBED SOFTWARE LIMITED was born out of a desire of making technology available, affordable and applicable. We call it an a3 vision. A-CUBED SOFTWARE LIMITED specialises in all phases of systems (IT and software) development, design, planning and consultancy. Be it a migration from your old legacy systems to a more dynamic, trendy, workable and trusting platform; or a complete new technological set-up for a start-up business. Technology-wise we take the pain off you on choosing the right system for you. We can custom-build your applications on mainframe, midrange, client-server or web-platforms. Let your business rule the technology requirement - rather than other way round.

Web Development:

A website creates an audience for your business and services. Today's business success is based more on click and portal approach than yesteryears' brick and mortar concept, or perhaps a strategic alliance of the both. We assimilate your business ethics into a custom built website, and we also create state of the art e-commerce sites with a powerful back-end system that can run all your MIS (management information services) and can provide you a comprehensive CMS (content management system). We have experience in various credit card payment gateways for your e-commerce portals a few of which are:
- World Pay
- Authorize.net
- Paypal
- Money bookers
- CC Avenue
- 2CO (2checkout).

Outsourcing Your Software Needs

Cut a niche in the market!
It is a strategic decision that business will have to make: to outsource, or not to? Research shows that more than 40% of total exports from developed nations are on software services, translating into a market segment of over a few billion US dollars. Over the last decade, offshore outsourcing of software services has become a proven and very mature industry. It is no longer at the helm of large corporate that can afford to outsource their IT work, but more and more small to medium sized European and American companies are finding the outsourcing as a useful strategic tool for their business to expand and reach further heights. The competition to survive in the industry has never been fiercer and the constant pressure of "doing more with less"Â compels today's companies to take the right move to outsource some or all of their software work offshore.

Why outsource?
Lower Cost: Cost is still one of the strongest motivators for outsourcing. You outsource the IT to someone whose business is IT, the core competence. This gives you more time to think about what you do the best - your business!

Higher Productivity: While your business has one less item to worry about the productivity gets a boost-up as a result of more time invested in direct business chain and less money spent on the IT.

Round the clock: With the IT cost down you can afford a customer support system that will run 24-by-7 365-days-a-year.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
Prepare your sites so the search engines find it! Most Web site traffic and online purchases come from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Get your share of Internet business with acubesoftware's unique SEO (search engine optimisation) services. Promote your business online, increase your online visibility and make money on the Internet. We offer detailed reporting on your link popularity, google page rank (PR), Alexa rank, Competitor rank and Keyword ranking in the respected search engines. We also analyse your site's potential and weakness for search rankings and submit your site to 200+ search engines (both international and local). Please contact us today and see your site in search engines tomorrow.
Marcy Dorman
Project Manager
2008 - 2011
Have delivered more than 20 web projects including Joomla, Wordpress, tailor-made CMS, Magento and other technology projects.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For projects over $2000 we expect an initial down payment of 25% and 50% for others. We generally develop websites on our own server. However if you want us to develop, test and install it on your own server 75% of the project fee has to be paid in advance and rest 25% fully escrowed before we can start any work. Similarly for any production fixes to be done in your server we will need same payment arrangements.
Marcy Dorman
Wannenmacher Advertising Company, Project Manager
Have delivered more than 20 web projects including Joomla, Wordpress, tailor-made CMS, Magento and other technology projects.
David McCoy
Chrysalis Stamps, Director
Developed the tailormade ecommerce website from design to deployment including secure layer payment gateways and real time product download as PDF.
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