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AWC Global Business Solutions

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About the Company

AWC Global Business Solutions is a web development company with hardworking, dedicated employees. Our main office is located in Manville, New Jersey, which is located in the New York market.

AWC Global Business Solutions was established in 2011, we have professional web developers, web designers,and customer support executives to fulfill all the requirements of our clients. We are adding new expert employees to work outstanding jobs on our web development, web design, and customer support team each year.

AWC Global Business Solutions has obtained a large list of clients through our hard work and true dedication.They have been working with us for some time due to our great support, communication and understanding of projects as well as business growth. If you are searching for a hardworking, dedicated company who can develop, design and market your website, than look no further you have found us. Welcome to AWC Global Business Solutions!
Service Description
Graphic Design for Print & Photography with AWC Global Business Solutions

Be unique in message and appearance with unforgettable and award winning graphic design services. After strategy, tactics are an essential component to any marketing initiative. Dynamic graphic design delivers your message, drives sales and prospects, and differentiates you from your competitors. What is the goal of Graphic Design Services?

Visually illustrate your company values
Portray a consistent image for marketing
Grab the attention of the target audience

Graphic Design Process with AWC Global Business Solutions

The first step is to discuss with you, our client, what your goals are and the audience you are trying to reach. We want to know about your company values and services. Once we have a feel for who you are and what you do, we can begin looking for ways to communicate that message visually. Where is Graphic Design needed?

Brochures & Sales Collateral
Logo & Corporate Identity
Catalog and Magazine Layout
Everywhere you find your customers

Graphic Design Form and Function with AWC Global Business Solutions

Our graphic designers treat every project as a portfolio piece while taking into account your audience's preferences to create the most relevant product possible. With good graphic design, form always follows function. Traditional website design and graphic design companies focus on pretty pictures and deliver no substance or strategy. Atomic Design always focuses on the big picture whether you have a short-term strategy or a long-term plan. As marketing specialists we deliver the best of both worlds. An integrated approach to design includes:

Layout & shape
Color & balance

To start developing your new image or to find out more about our custom graphic design services, please contact a representative in our New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania office.

Logo and Identity Design with AWC Global Business Solutions

Identity and logo design strive to capture the essence of your brand through a visual icon or mark. Your logo is not your brand, but should reflect the perceived emotion you would like our company to portray. Define your brand identity and your logo will follow. A graphic designer creates the foundation of a brand, only your audience can make your brand. Identity design is how your brand is applied through a variety of mediums using established guidelines to ensure a coherent and recognizable brand. Identity applications include corporate stationary design (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.), marketing collateral (brochures, website, sales sheets, flyers, presentations, etc.), packaging, signage, and any other visual representations of the business.

Brochure and Collateral Design with AWC Global Business Solutions

Brochure design still holds an important place in your marketing communication arsenal. Your marketing collateral must be impactful, easy to scan, encourage reading, offer value and motivate a response from your reader to convert them to prospects or customers.

Magazine and Catalog Design with AWC Global Business Solutions

Magazine design and catalog design fall under our multi-page document design category. Our designers have good experience designing and laying out both. Catalog design can provide information about your company, goods and services in an easy to digest format. Proper design and communication can help you to sell and market your products, reinforce your brand and differentiate you from your competition. Similar principles apply to magazine design, you are selling your brand, offering value and most likely using it to sell your advertisers products. Good design, layout and typography are essential.
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We would require 50% down. Rest due at closing!
Christopher Basista
ElectricFM, Owner
Created website and all graphics for said site.
Robert Harris
RPD Executive Coach, Owner
Jessica Thomaszfski
Social Butterfly Weddings, Owner
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