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Company with 6 Yrs experince in Web|Mobile|Desktop
  |   New Delhi, New Delhi

About the Company

AISoftwares is the leading complete IT Company in the marketplace today. Offering extensive services, highly qualified and experienced developers and customer service that is second to none, AISoftwares can provide a dedicated service that will fulfil all of your requirements and specifications no matter what they happen to be.

We pride ourselves on offering a dedicated and individual service to any group, company or even individual that requires the development of custom software or bespoke Website/Games design and development. As such, we offer the most comprehensive service list that you could imagine and one that has gone above and beyond the expectations of all of our existing clients. If you believe that you require high quality bespoke software, website or games services then please read "About Us" & "Detailed Service Description" section below to find out exactly what we offer.

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Service Description
AISoftwares is not an average IT company. The service list we offer to all clients regardless of budget and project size can only be described as that of a complete IT company. We offer:

>> Software Design & Development
>> Web Programming
>> Website Designing
>> Mobile Applications (iPhone, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, SmartPhone)
>> Games Design & Development
>> Custom eCommerce Solution
>> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
>> Human Resources
>> Troubleshooting
>> Consulting
>> End User Support (Customer Support)
>> TeleMarketing
>> IT Hubs Maintenance & Office Outsourcing

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive by any means. For a full explanation of all IT services that we offer, we would invite you to contact us so we can better understand your requirements and specifications and offer the correct solution.

Our business processes are entirely adaptable so we can be flexible and adapt to meet your business needs, whether you are looking to fix problems in existing software, website and games packages or indeed build completely new ones. We specialise in unique and innovative programs also, meaning that we will build a software package, website, or complete game from scratch to suit you.

The AISoftwares team has worked with a wide variety of technologies, which includes but is not limited to Ajax, PHP, PHPBB, Advance PHP, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP), ASP, ASP.NET with cSharp/VB.Net, MySql, VC++, Dot Net Technologies, C Sharp, Cobol / C Objective (For Mac), Delphi, Net Frameworks, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2003, Visual Basic 2008 (VB.NET), Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET), Visual Studio 2003 (VB.NET), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0. Java, J2ME, Abode Flex, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop CS 4, Animations, Corel Draw, Delphi, Flash Scripting ........
HOWEVER, we are committed to training our team to the highest level and so any new technologies that appear on the market are soon included in our skill set. As you can see from the information outlined here, we are fully able to cater for the wants and needs of all clients no matter how tight a deadline we are on. Our IT experts can develop an appropriate package or solution for you.

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Having provided solutions for companies across a wide range of industries, AISoftwares development team is at your service! Having been in operation for Six years, AISoftwares is an established and reputable company that demands quality from every member of staff at all times. As such, the combined years of experience within AISoftwares goes above and beyond what you may expect from a Six year old company in the IT industry.

As a software, website, mobile and games design and development provider, we can offer a range of bespoke services but our vast skill set has resulted in a hugely diverse portfolio. This simply serves to highlight just how extensive our experience is. The following list is just a sample of our previously handled projects:

Desktop Softwares
Data & Image Extraction Tools (extractors/scrappers)
Betfair API (Custom Extraction Tool)
Face Recognition Software
PC Tune Up Utility
Registry Cleaners / Error Fix
Evidence Blaster (2007)
Memory with Internet Booster
Complete File / Folder Locking Security Software with 128 BIT encryption of files/folders
Internet TV
Data Recovery Tools
Online Backup Tool (Remote and Local)
Bar Code Reader
Employee Management System with Card Reader
Cyber Cafe Package
HeatSeek Clone

Web Programming and Designing
eCommerce Solutions
Twitter API
Google Maps
YoutTube API
Forex Trading Design and Development
Jewellery Website Design and Development
Dating Website Design and Development
Social Networking website Design and Development
Online Music Website Design and Development
Radio Online Website Design and Development
Paypal API
Google Checkout

The AISoftwares values of high quality products, the best possible level of personal customer service and reliability and integrity have made it possible for us to deal with clients over extended periods of time as well as for one off projects. Many of our clients would highly recommend us and invest in recurring services with us.

As a proven leader in the IT industry, AISoftwares has provided IT solutions for businesses all over the world, most notably in the USA, UK, Australia, India and Germany. However, nowhere is too far. We are able to consult with companies via a number of means regardless of location. As such, please contact us to discuss your individual needs at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to let you know what we can help you achieve! . Our consulting and outsourcing expertise is second to none and we can enhance your business by massively increasing profitability and offering global resources that you may not otherwise be able to afford. AISoftwares has the right people in place to improve your performance and give you the edge over your competitors. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to let you know what we can help you achieve!

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Joseph , CEO
Personal Reference 09
Awarded: 2009
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
1. 50% of the payment should be in Advance
2. Balance payment within 10 Business Days from final product delivery date
3. Online Technical Support for any problems in the final product for 6 Months.
Joe J
Global Digital Forensics, CEO
Job ID: 16049633 Utility Software Development - Developed a custom desktop software. The software would work on WIndows 98 and Up and would scan the pc for the list of activities done on a PC. The software would autorun from USB Drive
Kevin C
Mr Kevin, Manager
We have developed PC TuneUp Utilities. The software would auto scan the pc for errors and would recommends the steps to slove the PC Problems. The software had self scanning and optimizing feature.
Alan A
Job ID: 12045266 Anti adware/spyware software development AISoftwares developed Custom Anti-Spyware and Registry Fixer and is currently supporting the Spyware database and customer help desk support.
chrispynic99, CEO
Job ID: 14832495 Image Catalog Scraping Data Extraction tool which would extract the information from website and would also extract the images and would save them locally.
hidden1name hidden1name
hidden1name , Mr
Job ID: 12765612 New Spider/Crawler Automated Data extraction tool .
solidmk, CEO
Job ID: 14297304 Program to Grab Info From ASPX Page Worked on Data Extraction Tool. We have been in business for past 3 year and have developed many software for them
Mark L
Tallstark, CEO
Job ID: 11577505 Data mining to build a database Data extraction on We were hired for the development of the tool and providing support for 365 Days.
Job ID: 10726909 Need Data Harvested From 'Yellow Pages' Data Extraction Tool on Yellowpages with IP Changer and auto extraction feature.
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