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Lang Hsu

Linux/Asterisk/Virtualization Consultant
  |   Hsinchu, HC
  |  9:34 pm Local Time


I have been working on IT around 10+ years. I'm familiar with Network Administration, Linux Administration and VoIP technical support( that focused on Asterisk)
Service Description
Linux System Administration)
Configuration of Linux servers including RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE distribution, monitoring tools(rrdtool, mrtg, nagios, snmp, cacti, munin), VPNs(OpenVPN, n2n VPN, PPTP), mail(sendmail,imap, pop3), DNS(bind), web server(apache+php), firewall(iptables,fail2ban), etc.

Database(MySQL, Oracle, IBM/DB2) install, configuration and management, built MySQL HA cluster.

Virtualization platform(Citrix Xen Server, Vmware vSphere/ESX) install, configuration, physical to virtual(P2V).
Amazon EC2/S3 configuration.

Web Application)
Web application for LAMP(phpbb,drupal,joomla,wordpress,etc..) install, migration between two different hosting provider.

- Raw asterisk and Elastix/Trixbox/PBXinaFlash install, configuration.
- Implemented Asterisk high availability with DRBD.
- Developed some dialplan to access to database for banking request.
- Optimizing Asterisk/Elastix/PBXinaFlash/Trixbox for Amazon EC2(Meetme is functional).

- VoIP Billing & Termination
- Calling Card with either PIN or Caller ID authentication.
- A2Billing install,configuration and integrating with Elastix/PBXinaFlash/Trixbox.
- DIDs forwarding
- Callback integration including web callback, CID callback, API callback.
- Paypal payment integration
- Configure the trunk to work as wholesale
- Configure the trunk to work as calling card business
- Configure the trunk to work as regular phone (pinless dialing)

- Implementing a phone system for telemarket survey.
- Implementing a auto dialer for voice broadcasting.
- Implementing a telephone polling system.
Payment Terms
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Lang Hsu