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Alan Hochman

Turning Plans into Profits
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Starting a new venture, launching a product, raising capital, expanding your business – the keys to success for all of these are a winning concept and a clear plan. For more than 20 years I've worked with large and small businesses to make them more successful. From starting a business or creating & launching a new product, to growing profits and expanding into new markets, I have developed strategies and written plans that work.

Some of my major projects have been: setting up a marketing group for Intel in Europe; co-founding an international company that was sold to Kodak; launching a solar energy company, their first product and initial fund raising; transforming a small firm into the world’s largest licensor of clipart; taking a small company from losing $1M/yr to profitability and buyout in less than 12 months. I’ve created successful business, marketing & strategic plans, and funding presentations, facilitated strategic planning sessions, and coached management teams/CEOs.
Service Description
NEW PRODUCTS/SERVICES – Product Plans that let you understand the market and potential for your idea and the best way to sell it. These comprehensive plans include everything from who-will-buy to what-to-charge and how-to-distribute, including revenue and cost projections. These plans are the basis of your business plan and fund raising presentations.

STARTUPS – Business Plans for putting your company together and entering the market and attracting and closing potential investors. These complete business plans include everything from competitive and market analyses to staffing tables to a full financial package that details funding needs and Use of Funds. These business plans are the basis of Private Placement Memorandums and funding presentations.

FUNDING – Presentations, business plans, and PPMs that explain to investors and VCs your idea, value proposition, target market, required investment, and exit strategy & payback. These tools enable you to engage, communicate with, and close potential funders.

NEW MARKETS – Market entry strategies and the tactics to support them. These plans, from Objectives & Goals to Strategies and the Tactics to implement them, also include execution timelines. These plans are roadmaps for your sales, marketing, development, and production teams.

COACHING – Individual or group programs to guide you and/or your team through a specific challenge, a desired change, or to raise the level of professionalism and success. We work together on a regular basis to achieve mutually defined goals.

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS – Business Plans that help you manage your company, make decisions for growth and take it to the next level. These comprehensive operating plans keep everyone on the same path by communicating a clear vision, unified direction, and specific objectives and milestones.


- Wrote business plan, developed marketing materials and launched Development Language product worldwide

- Wrote Market Requirements Document, Product Requirements Document, business plan and executed pre-launch securing beta sites for first file server

- Wrote business plan, developed strategy, marketing materials & pricing, and launched solar panel 2-axis tracking product

- Re-wrote application for solar technology patent that was subsequently granted

- Refocused net-based knowledge sharing startup from B2C to B2B and wrote business plan, winning beta sites & funding

- Structured, staffed, wrote business plan & marketing materials, and launched a solar energy sector startup and its first product

- Launched s/w company in 18 months with 22 products and distribution in 20 countries; developed strategy, wrote business plan, hired management team, wrote marketing materials, set up international distribution

- Developed partnership offering for print media-to-net startup

- Designed/improved flow of user interfaces for a number of companies’ web sites and applications

- Wrote & assembled funding package & presentations (including PPM) and did road shows and prelim negotiations for solar energy company 1st round funding

- Wrote business plan for knowledge sharing startup that secured 2nd round funding

- Pulled together PPM materials for banking sector startup 1st round funding

- Eliminated s/w company’s vulnerability to Microsoft by refocusing from Word templates to independent products for business and consumers that leveraged their technology; company acquired 6 months later

- Created new product category in the s/w content market that addressed a new market in graphic design

- Developed niche product offering for professional land planner that opened a new market for him and differentiated him from competitors
- Worked with engineering team to standardize products for touch screen company expanding market and increasing margins -
both due to lower cost structure

- Worked with startup team in banking sector to refine business model, pricing, business plan and funding strategy

- Worked with CEO to revamp marketing and sales team for h/w company

- Built complete marketing team for s/w company

- Worked with engineering group to developed support function for s/w company making clients happier & adding new revenue stream

- Transformed small B2C company into world’s largest B2B image licensor in 10 months

- Increased revenues of s/w application development company by 400% in 30 months

- Turned clipart company around from $1M loss doubling revenues to profitability in 12 months; company then acquired

- Developed strategy for options & upgrades for h/w company creating new revenue stream

- Re-engineered encryption company to be market-driven and growth oriented stopping customer base erosion

- Developed new pricing and licensing strategy for s/w company increasing sales
Purdue University
Bachelor of Science, Math/Computer Science
St. Edward's University
MBA - Manaagement & Marketing
Companies I've worked for
1979 - Present
FOUNDER/CO-FOUNDER . . . . Artville, Madison, WI -- Co-founder, Executive Vice President -- Electronic publisher of illustration and photography . . . . Alan Hochman Consulting, Santa Monica, CA, Cave Creek AZ -- Founder -- Management & Marketing Consultants . . . . VP MARKETING/MARKETING & SALES . . . . Uniface International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- Vice President Marketing -- Application development tools . . . . Carroll Touch, Inc., Austin, Texas -- Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Systems -- Touch screens . . . . GraphicCorp, Los Angeles CA -- Vice President Marketing & Sales -- Consumer & OEM Electronic Graphics . . . . Masterclips, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL -- Vice President, Marketing & Sales -- Consumer Electronic Graphics . . . . INTERNATIONAL . . . . Intel Corporation, Brussels, Belgium; Swindon, England -- Manager, European Systems Marketing . . . . Uniface International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- Vice President, Marketing Application development tools . . . . TEACHING . . . . Keller Graduate School, Mesa AZ Lecturer, Management and Marketing -- Private Graduate School . . . .
Payment Terms
None specified
Nelson Greene
RSVPBook, Founder, President
RSVPBook is a comprehensive event reservation website. I worked with Nelson on a consulting basis to help him improve the look & feel and ease-of-use of the site, re-do pricing, and re-examine his market strategy, and identify new revenue opportunities.
Carole Perry
The Sonoran Arts League, President
This is a non-profit that I worked for as an adviser to the Board of Directors on a pro bono basis for several years. I helped them restructure the organization, revise their by-laws, create a new identity package and re-brand, start new programs and events, improve existing programs and events, and create ways to raise funds. Carole is the Owner of Laughing Glass Studio.
Srikanth Chari, Founder, CEO
I worked with Sri on a few projects beginning with CyberMedia where he was VP, Marketing on the launch of FirstAid for Windows, a retail s/w product; WuliWeb, a QR code forerunner where he was consulting and bright me in to help with strategy;, an alerting site for legal firms which he founded where I advised on target markets and strategy.
Raj Patil
Aspark, CEO
Raj was the CEO for MindCrossing, a startup in the knowledge space. I worked with the Raj to hire a management team, formulate a strategy, write their business plan, coach the team, and served as their interim Marketing VP.
Tim Mathews
Semantec, Sr. Director, Enterprise Security
Tim was the VP of Product Marketing for RSA Data Security. RSA was the original company providing encryption software for the Internet. They held the key patents in the industry. I was brought in to RSA by the new CEO to help re-focus the company to be marketing oriented ahead of the expiration of their key patents. After devising a plan, I worked with every department except Finance, to change the culture - revised pricing and contracts, set up a Customer Service organization, re-focused advertising, and so on. When their Marketing VP was promoted to the parent company, I filled in for several months and helped hire the replacement.
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Alan Hochman