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About the Company

ALEA IT Solutions: Serving a Global Audience

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certified Company.

ALEA IT Solutions is an Indian IT company with office in India & UK a global focus, our expertise lies in the areas of website development, software development, mobile applications as well as integrated web solutions which we have delivered to our clients over the years.

Our global focus stems from the fact that we deal with clients from around the world who are attracted to our offering due to the cost savings we offer as well as the quality of service we render.

Price Advantage, Cost Savings and Premium Quality Project Execution

We are able to offer this price advantage due to our location and customized project management methods, our expertise on the other hand is due to the amount of time we have spent in the IT industry and the experience garnered while handling projects of varying complexities.
Service Description
Current Technologies, Up-to-Date Expertise

Before cloud computing became popular we were at the forefront monitoring developments in that sector, when our clients demand solutions based on this technology, we were more than equipped to deliver.

While some IT solutions companies tend to focus on the past and outdated technologies we prefer to keep our employees abreast of current developments in our sector in order to ensure that they can deliver solutions which are in demand. With this approach, you can remain rest assured that we can cope with project constraints that depend on the newest of technologies as long as it involves programming languages and platforms we specialize in.

An Invitation to Experience Our IT Solutions Offering

ALEA IT Solutions offers potential clients the chance to take advantage of the benefits we offer and see what our other clients who have come to depend on us over the years experience on a daily basis.
We invite you to partner with us on your next project and achieve your goals regardless of the size of your organization and your IT project.


ALEA IT Solutions is a customer-oriented IT solutions company where efforts are dedicated to achieving client goals first and those of the company second. But then again, neither are we a charity organization, our success with this business model is based on the fact that in order to satisfy our clients successfully, we have studied over time and learnt how to organize our resources and processes the most efficient way possible.

A Decade of Excellence

We started out in 2001, at the end of the famed dot-com boom, when tech speculators had all been wiped out from the IT sector and there was room once more for business ideas backed by solid technical skills and companies with realistic goals as well as a need for companies like ours which focused on delivering solutions first before considering the size of our offices or bonus compensation plans.

Between 2001 and now, we have handled the requirements of worldwide clients from our base in India, delivering solutions that they want which were otherwise unavailable in their local markets or exorbitantly priced for companies with a realistic budget.

A Comprehensive Experience Portfolio

While some might be exaggerating when they say they?ve done it all as far as IT solutions are concerned, we choose to differ. We have handled everything from websites for real estate agents profiting from the Atlanta market in the United States to web-based CRM applications for export companies in Malaysia.

Today and the Future

Today, we are a renowned IT solutions company valued by our past and current clients, for what we have helped them achieve in the IT sector with our reasonable and budget-friendly costs.

In future, we hope to grow based on the principles that have enabled us become a success in the IT solutions sector within and outside India, we welcome you to examine the various aspects of our website and see how we can be of assistance to your establishment in terms of the solutions we offer or questions you might have for us.
Britsh Certifications Inc.
ISO 9001:2008
Awarded: 2012
Stefan Clarkson
Financial Director
2011 - 2011
We developed & worked for ecommerce site design in CS Cart for the client.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Sandeep Garg
Adobe Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd., Director
We have done the full automation of there company in terms of there accounts, web & stock. We have even developed 2 websites for them. One is related to Online shopping & another is corporate website. we are currently managing there full IT infrastructure & all the IT applications.
Gluam Nabi
Royal Family of Jaipur, Secretary
We have been associated with Royal Family of Jaipur & have worked on many projects for Royal Family. we have developed softwares, website & IT Automation in there palace. we are currently also associated with them, we are working for Palace school, Royal Family Palace, Cafe Resturant, Palace Meuseum.
Mukesh Gupta
M. R. Morarka GDC Rural Development & Reserch Fnd., executive Director
We have developed more than 30 + web & desktop applications for Morarka foundation in last 6 years. These applications are mostly related to automation & data management. Our director has worked IT Consultant to them for continuous 4 years.
Brian Robinson
CX Digital Media, SEO Specialist
We have been working with brain since last 7 years for various sites SEO & link building. We have done more than 4000 link exchanges (one way) for his various sites. we are still working with him.