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Alexandra Meehan

Life is short, the art long.
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Creative writer, editor, content writer, poet, mind reader.

Call me Alexandra. I grew up bleeding prose, needing to feed the stove of my cranium. I am a poet and creative writer with a flair for research. I love controversial topics; I have been told that I am both poetic and edgy. I am a central Florida public forum debate champion, which assists me in persuasive, "call of action" articles. I am best noted for my graceful use of language; my ability to transform lackluster content into articles which people want to read. I have won many writing contests and have been published in books and in print. I studied English and fine arts in a lyceum and I obtained my degree in English, with an emphasis in poetry and creative writing. I work full-time as a freelance writer on Elance, so every job counts! :) I am a hard worker and I appreciate every job that comes my way. With my services, you are guaranteed unique and interesting content with a positive attitude and a speedy deliverance.
Service Description
Areas of Expertise

--Micro fiction, flash fiction, short short stories
--Editing: articles, poetry, fiction, *Ebooks*

Article Writing:
--Animal wellness: dogs and cats
--Holistic life: going green, horizontal agriculture, the "natural approach"
--The service industry: 10 yrs experience cooking, bartending, serving, wine stewarding, managing
--DIY: crafts, projects, renovations, home
--Fashion style and beauty
--Product descriptions

I have tutored a handful of high school and college students, along with aspiring poets and writers. I am willing to take on any job in my fields of expertise with passion and diligence. I am most keen on poetry, but I enjoy all types of creative writing.

I have experience writing articles and for blogs. I have also done content/grammatical editing for E-books. I am knowledgeable about SEO and have written as myself and as a ghost writer. Even though I am creative, I can be strictly informative as well. I have experience in nearly every area; whether that be a simple edit job or the composition of content.

I am proficient with Microsoft and Mac products, but certainly enjoy the old school flair of my vintage typewriter. I have been told by many that I am an outstanding poet, but I consider myself a very versatile writer. I am passionate about English, and I plan to become a professor. I believe that I would be an asset to anyone seeking a creative individual!

So, what sets "me" apart?

Well, there are MILLIONS of writers out there- tons of college graduates and people who can "throw something together." I on the other hand, attribute my fresh and creative voice to my poetry. I write daily, and the use of strong imagery overflows into every facet of my work. The result is INTERESTING CONTENT! I have a fresh and engaging voice, and I am very creative.

Why should you hire me?

Hire me because I am professional, fast and dedicated. Elance is my full-time job, so every project that I take on is important to me. Know that if you hire me, you are hiring a real person who cares about the final product; not only because I am dedicated to my craft, but because both of our reputations depend on it!

Lms Lyceym of fine arts, English and humanities
SFCC (USA top 10)
Payment Terms
Payment would be based on the type of job.
Alexandra Meehan | Elance

Alexandra Meehan