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Professional iOS, Android and WEB solutions
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About the Company

We are PROFESSIONAL WEB, iOS and Android full cycle development agency. 5+ years of experience in both WEB and mobile development. Business analysis and UI/UX development services. Highly effective approach to our work and smooth communication 24/7.
Service Description
We are a small company, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which consists of highly skilled WEB and mobile development experts. We have been established as a Team in 2010 and to date lots of mobile projects have been successfully completed and released to Appstore and Google Play. Our WEB projects are widely used over the Internet.

Our Team consists of WEB developers, iOS and Android developers, business analysts, graphic artists and project managers. Currently we have 10 persons in our Team.

We always read requirements before offering a bid. We don't use generic replies. Our business analysts won't ever make a generic bid without asking questions and seeing full information about your project. We are eager to help in achieving the best results.

Our main principles:

- Customers are our main value
- Long-term projects is our first priority preference
- We value honesty, business ethics, reliability and reasonable approach in any activity we participate in

Our work style:

- We always dig into our Customer's requirements and deeply analyze them
- We always give initial work plan with descriptions for each stage of development
- We always offer solutions only if we are sure we can implement them
- We always accept scope deviations in reasonable frames, because we understand that requirements might change during any workflow
- We always stay in touch with our Clients in order to help in case if they need it
- We always try to leave great impressions to all people we work with

What you get if you go with us:

- 10+ years of WEB development experience - PHP/Ruby-on-Rails veterans at your service.
- 5+ years of experience in mobile development will be a great plus to your initial ideas. We help your product to become even better! Super experienced mobile developers - one of our main advantages
- Business analysis services. We are able to describe your project and provide requirements specification based on your business requirements.
- UI graphics and usability experts will help you with selecting the best look&feel for your product.
- One communication point - our PM, which is also a business analyst and UI expert. Fluent English and technical background is included.
- Technical support after your project has been released to production.

We stick to professional approach within all our jobs. Agreed milestones and deadlines will be met, you will receive daily/weekly updates on the project progress. And of course the best quality of your products on top of this.

Our company combines highly ordered workflow style of work which is followed by big companies, at the same time we have small companies agility and flexibility in decision making. We are service-minded, highly motivated and hardworking guys, having huge expertise in commercial mobile and WEB development.
National Aerospace University - KhAI, Ukraine
Program/Project Management
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We prefer to work using ordinary Escrow terms for payments. Deposit payments, milestones payments are to be agreed separately within general job terms discussion.
Adil B.
MagicalPad LLC, Owner
Adil is the founder of MagicalPad an innovative productivity app. Worked on many high profile companies and worked with us on multiple strategic projects. We have been working with Adil for 3 years already and we are glad to realize that we will work together in future for sure. Our projects are fun and we are happy to work on them. Adil's feedback: "ErgoServ is the best talented mobile development company I worked with. Very talented people, great communication and project management. Using on many strategic projects." Adil - MagicalPad He allowed me to give his contact details to those persons who wish to learn more about our Team. Please contact us!
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