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Aleksey Z.

C++/Qt/Builder/Java programmer, have RE experience
  |   Mariupol, Donetsk
  |  7:28 am Local Time


I'm C++ programmer from 1998. Since that time I used Borland's Buillders, MS VC, Qt+mingw.
Also some of my projects were related to Reverse Engeneering. To do that fast I used Perl, PHP. Developed custom tools using C++ and Lua.
Since 2012 I'm using Java and mixes of Java and C++ (please, check my job's history, since most of it are NDA's)
As programmer I'm concentrated on selecting proper tool(s) for the task, so list of what I ever used is big.
I like non-standard tasks to think which are not hardly bound to tools but give freedom to make good solution.
I love when my programs do more than expected.

Service Description
C++/Java programmer since 1997. Have basic knowledge of usages of other things like sql/php/js/etc.

I prefer to solve generic problems, like "connect USB device to android by custom protocol", but can solve most of any other, especially if design is present.

As for summer 2015 I had like 7 projects which involve "C++ and Java" bounds, cross platforms, which means I had Java code (GUI mostly) AND C++ code (business NDA logic) compiled for windows/linux/mac/android working altogether.

Please check my jobs' history because most if it is NDA.

Couple highlight (non-nda or nda for sources only):
-made fixes for customer in 200+files C++ code(continuous upgrades during 20 years), added java(including,but not limited to android)-gui, built simple site/billing. Game uses "C++ and Java" bind.
-my own debian server (includes all basic setups by me only), complete own java web server itself (excluding design), completely own content there (including program itself, on Windows it uses "C++ and Java" bind)
Pryasovskyi State Technical University
Bachelor of Computer Science
1997 - 2001
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Aleksey Z. | Elance

Aleksey Z.