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About the Company

As a young professional, I have witnessed the value of doing something right the first time. The only way to achieve lasting success is through deliberative work. I may not have the longest experience, but I do have the most motivation.
If you allow me the opportunity, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality web content that you seek. My efforts place an emphasis on originality, accuracy, and user interest.
I take extra care to create share-worthy web content. A web site that offers valuable information will ensure the interest of current and potential clients. It will also attract the interest of search engines, bringing more attention to your site.
Service Description
Amanda M. Shaffer
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To use understanding of social sciences and communications; knowledge of search engines, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and content creation; advanced written ability and quality leadership skills: for print, online, and spoken mediums to benefit marketing and public relations through creative strategy.
Bachelor of Arts, Humanities. Rollins College, currently enrolled with flexibility for career.
Associate’s in Arts, Psychology. Seminole State College, Spring 2012.

brainVine – Internet Marketing Company that focuses on quality written content. Owner. Primarily Telecommute. October 2012 – Present
Owner, Manage Clients, Direct Company Projects, Writer, Editor
• Private collaboration and negotiation with each client, on an individual level.
• Personally conduct all initial keyword research, for all clients, to define campaign goals.
• Offer web design, graphic design, pay-per-click, written content, organic linkbuilding, and on-site optimization services.
• Lead company projects. Direct, oversee, and manage quality of site optimization, writing, and organic linkbuilding.
• Smaller site optimization, writing, and organic linkbuilding management tasks delegated to brainVine Chief Manager, Amanda Gaid.
• Web design and pay-per-click (PPC) managed by Justin Collier.
• Graphic design managed by Elisha Janas.
• Written Words World opening soon, for all quick-order written content needs.
• Thanks to my wonderful management team, this does not take up all of my time.
Marble Media – On Retainer as Content Manager, Telecommute. September 2012 – Present
Content Management, Editor, SEO/SMO Advisor, Link Acquisition Guidance
• Advising on quality content tactics; occasional editing and writing.
• Site content management advising, on company and client sites.
• Currently managing 21 sites, with focus on site optimization.
• Using Google Analytics, Trends, SEOmoz, and WooRank. Additional research done privately.
• Suggested SEO, SMO, and content strategies are slowly being implemented by Marble Media. Client’s schedule does not require all of my time. – Contractor, Telecommute. June 2012 – Present
Freelance Writer, Editor, SEO/SMO Advisor, Content Management Advisor
• Ghostwrote Health & Lifestyle Book. Currently writing Book Sales website copy.
• Continued writing for Empire Internet Marketing.
• Found Kidsville Publishing. In process of publishing 2 children's books.
• Technical Editor for Writing for Professionals by Dr. Daryl Green.
• Technical Editor for Great Customer Service by Jalene Namec and Dr. Daryl Green.
• Ghostwriter and Technical Editor for Breaking Organizational Ties workbook and Sustainability workbook, to be used in college courses by Dr. Daryl Green.
• Continued editing for Dr. Daryl Green.
• Continuous web content, blog, and article writing for various legal-affiliated SEO clients.
• Discovered by Marble Media through eLance. Placed on retainer as Content Manager.
• Currently blogging and writing articles for and his clients.
• Supervising a 14-person team to provide large quantity of work to for assistance in meeting their clients’ deadlines. Enables the start of my own business.
Empire Internet Marketing – Partnered with Newsome-Melton Law Firm. Suite 113 of Citrus Building in Downtown Orlando, Jackson and Orange Ave. December 2011 – June 2012
Written Content Manager for Medical Malpractice Website
• Began as SEO specialist; focused on link acquisition for young medical malpractice site.
• Worked on two-person team to increase medical malpractice site’s Google search ranking to 2nd place by mid-February 2012; increased site traffic and visibility.
• Designated blogger and guest article writer for medical malpractice site by end of March 2012. First article was posted on, with page authority of 90.
• Worked on 6-person creative team to re-build Empire Internet Marketing company website. Wrote portions of site content. Edited entire content written by creative team.
• Promoted to Written Content Manager to expand medical malpractice site. Researched and wrote new content for site. Re-wrote portions of previous content. Edited all content turned in by other team members.
• Emphasis on quality and originality. Frontloaded content and used bullets for ease-of-use. Ensured that content was simple to locate and share through on-page H1-H6 tagging in Drupal. Sourced all research for credibility. Meticulous attention to details for page uniformity and medical accuracy.
• Frequently worked nights and weekends.
• Use of personal time to keep up with internet marketing trends.
• Empire Internet Marketing lost its biggest client, for a project that I was not involved in. The partners of the firm were financially unprepared for such an event. On June 4th, 2012, they laid off the entire office, with the exception of 6 people other than the partners. The 6 people were selected based on seniority. I have continued work for this company as a freelance writer and contractor, through
• Please feel free to visit either website:

Blogging for Search Engine Optimization – Through Zemandi and Other Internet-Based Companies. July 2010 – December 2011
Freelance Writer
• Received long lists of keywords daily.
• Created and edited articles for assigned keywords, to fit client’s requests and company standards.
• Researched and wrote press releases for elite clientele.
• Produced accurate and original content on a fast-paced schedule, with minimal instruction, guidance, or supervision.
• Understanding of online tools, such as Dropbox and Zemandi submission process.
• Worked from home; strictly online communication; paid through PayPal.

First Choice Medical Center – Altamonte Springs, Suite 1001 on Maitland Ave. July 2008 – July 2010
Marketing Manager
• Obtained and managed marketing referrals from medical and law offices in the Orlando area.
• Acted as liaison, planning office visits and scheduling luncheons for Dr. Libert.
• Constant use of Microsoft Office for organizing marketing strategy and tracking referral information, results, and effectiveness.
• Secretarial tasks including:
- Filing, handling of faxes, e-mails, some phone correspondence
- Maintaining Excel spreadsheets and databases through Microsoft Access
- Mail, bank, and lunch errands.
Personal Activities
Freelance and Contracting Projects
• Currently writing through eLance website. Projects have included continued working for Empire Internet Marketing medical malpractice site, ghostwriting health and lifestyle books, writing children’s books, editing books to be used in college courses, creating workbooks, blogging for SEO and SMO purposes, and more. Please feel free to visit my profile at:
• Wrote press releases for New Whey Nutrition.
• Developed New Whey Nutrition social media personas to be managed through Hootsuite.
• Wrote all website content for Personal Trainer Nate Schwartz, owner of Shape Shifters Fitness in Melbourne, FL. Please feel free to visit his site at:
• Assisted with research and writing of web content and catalogues per new fashion line Eldamont, designer Elvardo Wilson. Please feel free to visit his site at:
Dr. Daryl Green, professor and published author: --
Nate Schwartz, personal trainer and owner of Shape Shifters Fitness: -- --
Peter Havener, medical malpractice campaign manager at Empire Internet Marketing: -- --
Seminole State College
Associates in Arts
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