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About the Company

Orion eSolution is a one stop for technology.

Our company is a multi-national company with offices in USA and India. In USA, we are registered as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Arizona, doing business as Orion eSolutions LLC. In India, we are registered as a Private Limited Company, doing business as Orion eSolutions, with offices in Mohali, Punjab.

Orion eSolutions (Orion) has 50+dedicated employees including senior and mid-level ASP.NET developers, Project Managers, Web Designers and System Administrators. Orion has been providing Web Development and infrastructure support services for over 5+ years offering a wide range of IT services ranging from Software development, Website designing, e-commerce online solutions, IT resourcing to SAP ERP solutions Linux and other server management tasks.
Service Description
1. System Analysis and Project Management:

Orion eSolutions has a structured, customizable, iterative approach embodied in our delivery model that is designed to help organizations build and expand their IT posture. The model is a collaborative starting point from which a project plan is developed. At Orion, our goal is to create a recipe for success for our clients by implementing a development process that is understandable and repeatable.

We have established a ten step methodology for rapid design, development, and delivery that is second to none. These phases are:
1. Project Initiation
2. Discovery
3. Gap Analysis
4. Architecture Definition
5. Design
6. Development
7. Testing
8. Implementation
9. Post Implementation Support
10. Maintenance and Support

2) Mobile Application development
We have expert team of Mobile Apps Developers. we provide strong customer relationship by our mobile application development services. we alredy developed a wide range of apps for mostly type of industry. we provide full mobile services work with all platforms.our professional and affordable Mobile apps development services are highly profitable. our team of experts first analysis your business from each aspect and according formulated the best appropriate solution for you.

Our Mobile Apps Development services help customers across such as Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing and all Financial Services and have implemented solutions across platforms like iPhone/iPad, Android and Hybrid Mobile application.

3. Software development and Web Applications:
We excel in deploying solutions using Microsoft .NET technologies such as .NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C# MVC and Microsoft Share Point. With our early adaption and extensive experience, we position ourselves as an ideal partner to develop web applications using Microsoft technologies.
Our experienced development team uses technologies like ASP.NET 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1 using C# and VB.Net, ASP.NET 1.1, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, EF4 (ORM), Web Services, MVC, Sharepoint, WCF and MSSQL Server 2008-2005 to create powerful applications that are will meet your requirements while requiring an extensive budget.
We have expertise in the following domains:
Virtual Event Management
Online shopping
Inventory & Accounts
Multi level marketing
ERP Solutions
Expert in developing Web applications in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
Experience of working in the complete Software development life cycle involving development, documentation, testing and maintenance.

4. Websites Designing and Development:
We do extensive research before the beginning of the projects. We analyze the objectives of your company and blend it with visual appeal, cross-browser compatibility, and search engine friendliness to create a website that is user friendly. Our company brings web consultants, creative designers and programmers under one group thereby ensuring maximum return to the clients on investment from their web presence
We have expertise in the following Website areas:
CMS based using Wordpress, Umbraco, Joomla, Mojo Portal
E-commerce using Nop Commerce, DotNetShoppingCart, Magento.
ASP.Net Custom based with database driven
Microsoft Sharepoint
HTML websites
Healthcare domain
Stock photography
Social Networking
Education Portals

5. Application Program Integration:
The Integration API allows developers to write content management, workflow, and content integration applications through a single set of object-oriented interfaces. The Integration API includes common functionality that is offered by content management repositories and workflow systems.
With more and more companies becoming aware of APIs & web services, level of sophistication of rendering services to customers has improved. Why create something which is from scratch and has to be time tested for credibility? Google apps have already been through that process of credibility check. And most importantly, API Integration is easier and has reusable functionality with significant ease of use due to plain-text & XML-based messages. APIs give you multiple formats and allow you to customize the interface according to your requirements.
We have expertise in implementing the following APIs:

5. Dedicated/VPS / System Administration:
We provide server administration services for all commonly available flavors of Linux and Windows. We have various levels of plans which are customized to your needs. We have outlined some of the commonly covered issues under these plans.
We have expertise in the following System Administration components:

Windows and Linux servers administration
IIS6, IIS7,Apache,Tomcat
VMWare Support
Cloud Computing (EC2 / GoGrid / Rackspace)
Sendmail/Postfix/Qmail/Exchange Server
Windows Server and Active Directory 2003 and 2008
SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySql, PhpMyAdmin
CPanel, DotNetPanel,PleskWebmin,Webmin,Virtualmin
NLB & Clustering
Vulnerability audit on the host
Kernel updates Securing mount points (noexec, nosuid on /tmp & /dev/shm ) for hosting servers.
Compiler and network application limiting
SSH server hardening
Services hardening & optimization
Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
Installing all the software updates by OS vendor
Setup Firewall
Chk root kit or Rk hunter
Apache add on modules (Mod_Security and Mod_doevasive)
Spam and virus solution for mail servers
Monitoring software Nagios / Zabbix for advanced monitoring

6. Server Migration:
Do you have a dedicated/virtual server that you would like to migrate to a different platform or a new hosting provider?
We can:
migrate your Windows server
migrate your Linux server
migrate from Windows to Linux hosts and vice-versa
migrate SQL server
migrate MYSQL server
migrate Web Applications(PHP, Python, Perl, ASP.NET, JAVA)

7. Technical Support:
Highlights of our 24/7 technical support:
Focus on technical support allows our team to build deep domain expertise.
Our very own ticketing tool to receive requests from the clients.
Integrated support ability to provide phone, ticket and chat support with Level I, II and III support under one roof.

8. Network and Infrastructure design:
Our experts have a wide experience in network and Infrastructure designing. The emphasis is given on vulnerability, security and all the processes should be diligently followed.
Awarded: 2010
Microsoft Certified IT Professional
Awarded: 2010
Awarded: 2009
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
**50%advance fees**

1) Projects from $500 - $2000

Different milestones with 30% after the first milestone

2) Projects from $2000 - $5000

Different milestones with 30% after the first milestone

3) Projects above $5000

Different milestones with 30% after the first milestone

*The milestone price is same for all the projects nevertheless retainer prices are different

As per our company's policy, we take 50% as the advance fees and then set different milestones as per the nature of the project.

Project under $500:

Once the first phase of the project is executed an installment of 50% has to be paid. The percentage of installment also depend on the number of different phases of the project. If the project require only 2-3 phases then 25% has to be paid and the final installment is only paid once you have the final project/ services and is satisfied with the work.
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