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About the Company

Anadea provides custom software development services targeting at sophisticated web sites and mobile applications. Our customer is in control of development due to transparent and agile process. This way he gets a complete custom solution which matches his or her vision exactly.
Service Description
Anadea draws best engineers from the pool of graduates and post-graduates of local universities. We look for the smartest, brightest goal-oriented young people who want to take pride in what they do. Our engineers use the best practices of software development including Test Driven Development (TDD), refactoring and design patterns.

We rigorously follow Agile development methodology and allow the customer to communicate with his development team directly, manage work schedule and track the engineers' activity in a time tracking system. Updates are committed to a customer's repository and deployed every day.

Anadea's typical project is a large, complex, often one of a kind custom web application which addresses needs that cannot be covered by an existing solution.

Our platform of choice is Ruby on Rails as it perfectly aligns with our values and allows our engineers to quickly write a high quality code which is easy to extend and maintain. We are also proficient in Java and innovative Scala languages which are very helpful for optimization website performance according to Reactive Programming principles. In mobile market, we focus on development of native applications of world class for iOS and Android.

Anadea has developed solutions for

Realtor business:
- Realtor tasks automation,
- Deals matching.

Project management:
- personal time management solution,
- development process streamlining,
- support outsourcing automation,
- appointment management.

Marketing and advertising:
- banner networks,
- classified ads,
- context-based ads,
- affiliate systems,
- referral systems,
- site visitor live tracking and support via chat with operator.

- collective buying (group buying) sites,
- daily deal campaigns,
- shopping carts,
- auctions

Information management:
- complex search engines,
- content management systems,
- document repositories,
- data mining/processing,
- secure messaging systems,
- billing documents parsing / auto-sending.

Community building:
- blogs,
- wikis,
- forums,
- galleries.

The following features are common to many of our web applications:

User management:
- user registration, login, logout, roles,
- forgot password reminder,
- user accounts management for the site administrator.

Billing and payments:
- credit card processing,
- payment gateways integration (AuthorizeNet, Netbilling, 2Checkout, etc.),
- recurring billing,
- user subscription management,
- discounts and promo-codes.

Anadea provides all steps for the complete enterprise solution development

- Requirements gathering,
- Interaction and graphic design,
- Code review and security audit,
- Web and mobile development,
- Legacy code maintenance,
- Application deployment,
- Performance optimization.

Anadea software engineers are experienced in the following tools and

- Platforms and languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, Scala, Objective-C, RubyMotion.
- Core web data formats: HTML, CSS, SCSS, XML, XSLT
- Dynamic web pages and client-side scripting: JavaScript (DHTML), jQuery, AJAX, ERB, HAML, SASS/LESS, Java Applets
- Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CoachDB, Interbase, Oracle
"Web Developer" job role
Awarded: 2004
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
Bills are based on an hourly rate. Invoices with actual hours spent are issued every week along with a complete tracking statistics about all activities of engineers.

The hour rate is not so important, what important is what could be done in an hour.
Alex Turetsky
ADD Friendly Tools Limited liability company, President
Development of a ADHD-friendly life management software -
Robert Pryor
InnerTalent Corporation, President
Development of personal coaching web application
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