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About the Company

Webinopoly OR AppleTechDesigns is a professional website design and Internet marketing company based in Houston TX. Our team is a small group of talented website designers, programmers, and search engine experts that know how to get you online results.

Our areas of expertise include: web design, development, Ecommerce, shopping carts, flash design, logo design, mobile phone applications, content management systems, search engine optimization, and much more.We would be happy to speak with you on the details of your needs, so we may provide you with a written project proposal and a flat rate price. Each of our web packages includes free hosting, unlimited revisions & maintenance, and 24/7 live customer support, as well as interest-free financing.
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Service Description
* Improving the traffic volume, traffic quality and conversion rate
* User friendly
* Search engine-friendly
* High Page Rank
* Seamlessly integrates information, design and technology
* Web content more relevant with PPC ads text, dramatically boosting your PPC keywords quality score

* Corporate/Enterprise branding and web structure optimization
* Usability and Interface Design
* SEO copy writing including web content and Meta
* Clean code to W3C Standard

Apple Tech Designs utilizes simple design techniques that guarantees results, cutting edge technology and impressive graphic design that has our clientele doing more business online The following is a list of technologies that we can use to develop your website. They are things that we have to think about, and that you never need to worry about, because we know how to use them. They are among the many reasons to choose Infocreek. Here goes:
Apache SSIs CGI C/C++ CSS DHTML HTML (clean code) XML/XSL(T) Javascript Java Applets, Servlets, JSP PHP, including PHPLib Perl PosgreSQL/MySQL POSIX Flash Animation

These technologies help us deliver on our promise of a browser-friendly and computer-friendly website. They are technologies that make your Infocreek website easy to use with pages that open quickly, download readily, and that don't test the patience of the visitor.
In addition, we use these Graphic Design tools:
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Image Ready Maya Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw Macromedia Flash

These technologies, through smart application, add interest and fun to your Infocreek website. Your site is bright, up-to-the-minute, and quick. Visitors want to stay. You gave them good reason.

We use these Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS/2, Linux, Novell Netware, SCO OpenServer, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP. Professional Website Design

* A detailed interview that helps us learn the key aspects about your business

* A website that's professionally designed and optimized for search engines Website Extras

* Unlimited email user accounts and 10 GB of email storage * Unlimited Web hosting for storing and transferring an unlimited number of files

* An easy-to-use website editing tool for up-to-date content changes

* Domain name registration and hosting for your website

* Submissions to top search engines and Internet Yellow Pages directories Modifications & Support
University of Houston
Masters In Computer Science
2008 - 2010
University of Houston
BS in Computer Science
2003 - 2006
Moe Farhat
2012 - Present
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