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Antonia J.

Expert Legal Research Attorney
   United States
  |   Cincinnati, OH


I am an attorney licensed to practice in both Florida and Ohio. I work for LexisNexis as a Legal Research Attorney and am skilled in conducting highly-technical legal research in all areas of law for both domestic and international jurisdictions.

Practice experience in personal injury, consumer protection, identity theft and foreclosure.

My legal background also includes foreclosure law, personal injury/nursing home litigation, criminal law and civil rights law.

I am also a skilled legal writer and was a member of Law Review, a BA in English and experience as a writer for the university newspaper while I was an undergrad.

Service Description
I can provide highly-efficient legal research on all areas of law, including Legislative History. All research will be Shepardized to ensure that it is good law and has not been overturned or questioned.
Service: For projects requiring legal research,I will provide my research results in a legal memorandum with all cited documents attached. In the alternative, I can conduct research and draft a briefs based on that research and provide the finished product with all cited documents attached. I have access to my own WestLaw/Lexis subscriptions.
Time line: I prefer to have at least 3-7 days to complete all projects, but can accommodate any deadline. I will require at least 3 days notice to complete the drafting of a brief or pleading and 2 days for legal research with a memorandum.

*Please note that the time required for Legal Research projects can vary depending on the complexity of your issue and the availability of relevant case law in your jurisdiction. Some issues can be researched in 30 minutes while other may take several hours. Likewise, I cannot guarantee that there is a case available on point to support your proposition, but I will always provide you with a summary of what I have found.

Practice of Law: Please note that I am licensed to practice in Ohio and Florida. and am not licensed to practice in any other of the fifty states. I am offering my services on this website purely as an independent contractor to provide legal research and writing. These services will not and do not create an attorney-client relationship between myself and you or your clients.
Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Attorney License
Awarded: 2009
Florida Supreme Court
Florida Bar Member
Awarded: 2007
University of Cincinnati, College of Law
Juris Doctorate
2002 - 2005
University of Toledo
Bachelor of Arts, English
1997 - 2001
Legal Research Attorney
2009 - Present
Payment Terms
I will begin work once the terms have been finalized and once payment has been funded (Escrow funding for fixed-price jobs and Hours Approved for Hourly Jobs). Once you receive the final product, I am open to making reasonable changes to the research and documentation if necessary.
Antonia J. | Elance

Antonia J.