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Antonis M.

Expert Powerbuilder Developer
  |   Athens, Attica
  |  12:57 pm Local Time


I am a Powerbuilder expert with the ability to built almost any application using almost any version of Powerbuilder, finding any work-arounds may needed to manage unsupported procedures of Powerbuilder. I compine perfectly the benefits of Powerbuilder, Datawindows and MS Visual Studio even with versions prior to PB 12.

The last years, I am involved mostly with POS Applications, Accounting and Logistics and more industrial sections as Parking Automations, Oil Industry, etc. Running solo or leading small teams, I have built full Desktop & Web appplications but also partial COM Objects, Libraries, OCXs, Services, etc. to be used from third parties.

I have also a rich experience in building systems linked with any kind of hardware instruments e.g. from POS Printers to oil tank measurement sensors.
Service Description
For 7 last years, I have been working in the R & D Dept. of a software and hardware related company in Greece, involved mostly with POS, Accounting and Logistics applications. In the last 2 years, I lead in a small development team, creating industry automations for Parking, Oil and Automatic Vending sections.

Daily, I am involved with the company related issues but in my free time, I also try to expand my boundaries to other sections too, international or not.

I can provide the development of full or partial applications as also the making of any kind of library or technics to be used by third party applications.
University of Piraeus
M.Sc. in Advanced Information Systems
2013 -
Technological Educational Institute of Athens
Computer Science
- 2011
Payment Terms
Because of my limited time, I can afford only interesting and worthwhile cases. Depending of the size, the required work and the delivery time of any suggestion, the charge wil be fluctuated and pre-arranged, considering the customer's needs and the developer's work over the case.
Antonis M. | Elance

Antonis M.