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Andre C.

Digital Forensics Investigations / IT Consulting
   United States
  |   Ramsey, MN


I have 20+ years experience in IT support & management for a large law enforcement agency. I have digital forensics investigations experience, testified in state & federal court as an expert witness, and have worked a wide variety of criminal and civil cases. I have public & private sector experience and I have managed an ASCLD accredited forensics lab. In addition to my work experience, I also have several forensic certifications and I am constantly updating my skill set and staying informed on current forensic technology.
Service Description
I currently offer digital forensics consulting and investigative services for civil related matters as well as consulting services for IT / IT Security related items. I am also capable of doing some limited data recovery and/or give recommendations on data recovery options.

I offer forensics triage training for public/private sector and give presentations on digital forensics and IT related items specifics to law enforcement. I also put together custom training/presentations.
FTK - ACE Certification
Paraben Mobile Forensics Examiner Certification
Berla (Homeland Security sponsored)
Blackthorn GPS Forensic Certification
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE)
North Hennepin Community College
AA Degree
- 2012
Wright County Sheriff's Office
Forensic Investigator
2014 - Present
Perform digital forensic investigations, maintain forensic lab, implement policies & procedures, execute search warrants, provide forensic assistance to other law enforcement agencies.
Axis Forensics LLC
Owner / Forensic Examiner
2010 - Present
Provide digital forensics consulting services and IT consulting services.
Flashback Data
Senior Forensic Examiner / Lab Manager
2014 - 2014
Managed ASCLD accredited digital forensics lab, performed digital forensic examinations and digital forensic consulting services.
Illinois Attorney General's Office
Forensic Examiner
2012 - 2014
Perform digital forensic examinations/investigations, execute search warrants, consult with other law enforcement agencies, maintain digital forensics lab, performed testing/research/validations.
Payment Terms
Payable to Axis Forensics LLC

Most engagements will be due upon receipt of invoice although this could vary depending on the specific requirements of individuals jobs.

Engagements may be priced per engagement or by the hour depending on the work required.
Andre C. | Elance

Andre C.