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Nancy Khomenko

Quality, efficiency, and professionalism matter.
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Desktop publisher with over 20 years experience in handling simple (25 pages) to complex (1000+ pages) projects.

The ultimate objective is a document of the highest quality; one which draws the reader in.
Service Description
Experience with the following applications: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker 10, and Acrobat Pro (PDF).

Can handle a variety of projects, in both size and scope. Including first drafts through final review, creation and/or placement of graphics, controlling file size based on final output, and final presentation of file(s) in a variety of formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .fm, .ai, .psd, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .zip, etc.)
GTECH Corporation
Marketing Database Content Analyst
2011 - Present
Incorporate processes from previous role (desktop publishing) to streamline collection, editing, and submission of foundation materials for inclusion in database storage and future automation Work closely with Business Proposals Director and Business Unit owners throughout the company to create, maintain, and distribute reports company-wide reflecting all Business Proposals projects Structure database to meet the needs of the department through proper file naming conventions and strict metadata/keyword functionalities Set appropriate permissions for the secure storage, maintenance, and archiving of all materials in the database Work directly with IT Manager to ensure all updates/service releases ae implemented in a timely manner
GTECH Corporation
Senior Desktop Publisher
2003 - 2011
Creator of MS Word -- How To -- guides and protocols developed specifically for proposals department (supporting 20+ personnel). Departmental training support in MS Word processes based on individual need (one-on-one tutorials). Mentor to new hires for desktop publishing services (GTECH and Spielo). Training of new/temporary employees on FrameMaker and MS Word, as well as departmental protocols. Training assistance for Poland team members (on-site Warsaw) in format, design, and proposal production. Lead format, design, and production for numerous projects totaling more than $650M in revenues. Work directly with Project Managers, Account Managers, and translation companies. Final production and verification of soft copy proposals (in PDF).
Payment Terms
Acceptance of a project (by both parties) will require upfront payment via PayPal in the amount of 1/3 of the agreed upon total (agreed upon) project fee. Should the need arise to alter the scope and/or payment terms, both parties must be in full (written) agreement of all terms before work on the project can continue.

A second "milestone" may be initiated by either party to indicate another 1/3 payment of the whole.

The final 1/3 payment is to be met once all files have been "accepted" by the client and no further changes/updates are required.
Nancy Khomenko | Elance

Nancy Khomenko