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Nancy Khomenko

Quality, efficiency, and professionalism matter.
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Desktop publisher with over 20 years experience in handling simple (25 pages) to complex (1000+ pages) projects.

The ultimate objective is a document of the highest quality; one which draws the reader in.
Service Description
Experience with the following applications: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker 10, and Acrobat Pro (PDF).

Can handle a variety of projects, in both size and scope. Including first drafts through final review, creation and/or placement of graphics, controlling file size based on final output, and final presentation of file(s) in a variety of formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .fm, .ai, .psd, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .zip, etc.)
GTECH Corporation
Marketing Database Content Analyst
2011 - Present
• Incorporate processes from previous role (desktop publishing) to streamline collection, editing, and submission of foundation materials for inclusion in database storage and future automation • Work closely with Business Proposals Director and Business Unit owners throughout the company to create, maintain, and distribute reports company-wide reflecting all Business Proposals projects • Structure database to meet the needs of the department through proper file naming conventions and strict metadata/keyword functionalities • Set appropriate permissions for the secure storage, maintenance, and archiving of all materials in the database • Work directly with IT Manager to ensure all updates/service releases ae implemented in a timely manner
GTECH Corporation
Senior Desktop Publisher
2003 - 2011
Creator of MS Word -- How To -- guides and protocols developed specifically for proposals department (supporting 20+ personnel). Departmental training support in MS Word processes based on individual need (one-on-one tutorials). Mentor to new hires for desktop publishing services (GTECH and Spielo). Training of new/temporary employees on FrameMaker and MS Word, as well as departmental protocols. Training assistance for Poland team members (on-site Warsaw) in format, design, and proposal production. Lead format, design, and production for numerous projects totaling more than $650M in revenues. Work directly with Project Managers, Account Managers, and translation companies. Final production and verification of soft copy proposals (in PDF).
Payment Terms
Acceptance of a project (by both parties) will require upfront payment via PayPal in the amount of 1/3 of the agreed upon total (agreed upon) project fee. Should the need arise to alter the scope and/or payment terms, both parties must be in full (written) agreement of all terms before work on the project can continue.

A second "milestone" may be initiated by either party to indicate another 1/3 payment of the whole.

The final 1/3 payment is to be met once all files have been "accepted" by the client and no further changes/updates are required.
Nancy Khomenko | Elance

Nancy Khomenko