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Arc-Max Technology Company

15yrs programming exp php / mysql / jquery / js
  |   Chennai, Tamilnadu

About the Company

15 years of proven work.

Experts in LAMP / JS / JQUERY / HTML 5 / XHTML / CSS3 / WEB2.0 / AMAZON MWS/ XML / PAYPAL Integration / REST / SOAP / JSON / MYSQL. We may not have been very active on elance but you can view our reviews on

Our USP :

1) We can think.
2) single point of contact : will know the status of your work and any given point of time.
3) We consult too. Tell you what will work , how things can be improved.

What we pride ourselves is in building relationships so that you can concentrate on your job and we can take care of your IT requirements.
Service Description
Our Approach: We started this company because we wanted to do things a little differently. We wanted take things a little more personally. We want to deliver products that would that actually deliver ROI.

We consider ourselves as Brand Caretakers, where we not only code but also think on how we can help your site work better for you. If there is way to improve things that result in better product, we do it.

Of course if you just want us to code we can do that too.

Just remember we work with you as part of your team keeping your interests first.

1) Over 12 years of programing experience.
2) available 24 hrs a day
3) have multiple "internet on tap" with 2MBPS line.
4) good communication skills and English Skills
5) ability to understand your requirement and translate it in code and designs
6) you get access to my entire team of professionals which eat and dream designs and codes.
7) punctuality in delivery (we could not have survived this long without it)
8) we stay within your costs.
9) quality: above every thing else . Any project that we undertake has to be completed meeting certain benchmarks requirements depending on whether its a programming or design job. whatever the cost we will not do a shoddy job.
10) we deliver what we promise. we promise to deliver more than what you asked for.
10) LIFE TIME GUARANTEE : We stand behind our quality and to back that up we provide you a life time guarantee on any program we write for you for the life time of the original program written by us.


1) our passion
2) our commitment to perfection.
3) our ability to keep the project within costs and deliver it on time.

Business Domains

1) Working with startups
2) CMS / CRM
4) Application Developement - RIA / Work flow / office productivity apps / Business Process replication.
5) SEO / SEM


1) Assessment : understanding the requirements and creating a game plan on how to deliver
2) Contract : need we say more
3) Design: We know how important it is and we work on it till its perfect. Its an iterative process.
4) Coding: Milestone based. we use the agile method. So we get the best results.
5) Testing: end of each milestone the module is tested three times before it goes online and gets tested couple more before we release the link to you for testing the module, then we wait for your comments and feed back.
6) Delivery:once all the modules are completed and online the entire product is tested as single module. You are then invited to further test it for any last minute issues. Once you are satisfied and on your go ahead we then transfer the product to your servers and configure it to work and then we test it once more.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payments will always be based on mutually agreed milestones and will involve a advance. Please keep in mind that you will be able to verify / test / and suggest modification on completion of each milestone.
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Arc-Max Technology Company