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Arkadiusz P.

Expert in programming & statistical data analysis
  |   Warsaw, Mazowieckie


Expert in programming and statistical data analysis.

All-round programmer and problem solver.

* Wrote a publication cited >290 times
* Wrote a 195-page e-book on machine learning
* 43rd place in the Netflix Prize (5000 competing teams)
* Worked as a software engineer in the IPTV and computer games industries.
* Programming competitions background
* Wrote over 100k unique lines of C/C++ code
* Programming since >20 years
* Practicing statistical data analysis since >10 years

Specializing in C/C++ and R, but can code in any language.
I can tackle all kinds of tasks - from creating a world-class machine learning solution to writing from scratch an HTTP server faster than Nginx.
From creating an HTML website to writing a compiler.
Service Description
Getting things done person.
Delivers the promise.
Understands the big picture. Understands business.
Quick learner.
Focused on goal, focused on creating value and increasing revenue.
Entrepreneurial spirit and a visionary. May take your company to the next level.

My attitude is that I can solve any technical problem.

The first client gets a discounted rate $40/h.
Payment Terms
None specified
Arkadiusz P. | Elance

Arkadiusz P.