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Cleve N.

Voice Artist, Illustrator & Writer
   United States
  |   Marina del Rey, CA
  |  11:22 pm Local Time


I'm a filmmaker with deep experience as an animator, screenwriter and voice artist. My visual style is flexible, but hews most closely to the look of Disney hand-drawn animation.

As a voice artist, I have years of training and am capable of creating all sorts of characters, male and female, human and otherwise.

My work as a short story writer has won a few awards. My first collection of stories will be published in a few months, and I'm currently writing the first installment in a series of books for young adults. I have an animated movie in production for which I'm credited as screenwriter, and another live-action comedy shooting this fall, to be released by a major studio distributor.

Samples of artwork and writing available upon request, as is my voiceover demo or narration demo.

I'm a fun guy who loves to please and while I'm very confident of my skills and experience, I bring no inflated ego to the table.
Service Description
I've worked in a variety of capacities as a writer, voice artist, producer and director, character designer and storyboard artist, on numerous productions, principally in the domain of film and TV entertainment. A partial listing follows, with special skills detailed at the very end.

Imagination Bay, Inc. %u2013 Screenwriter / Producer / Video Game Development - 2005 %u2013 Present

FILM & TV PROJECTS for Indie Producers and Studios (Animation & Live-Action):
%u201CUntitled Animated Christmas Movie%u201D (2012) Galen Walker/TMNT Productions
"Kin" - Writer/Co-Director - Thriller - live-action feature, shoots Nov 2011
%u201CHealers%u201D %u2013 Writer/Co-Director/Producer %u2013 Gothic Thriller (2010) Buttercookie/Imagination Bay.
%u201CFireflyz Avengerz%u201D %u2013 Creator/Writer - Animated series development (2010)
Producer Info Confidential.
%u201CG-Wiz%u201D %u2013 Co-Creator/Writer/Designer - Animated TV. With Galen Walker (TMNT Prod.), Dave
(%u201CDr. Gadget%u201D) Dettman and Carlin West (4KidsTV) (2009-present).
%u201CSuckerpunch & Leroy%u201D %u2013 Animated Sitcom, Co-Creator, for New Regency Television (2008)
%u201CThe Noble Key%u201D %u2013 Creator/Writer/Producer. Animated Sci-Fi/Sports-Themed TV for Imagi USA,
Adidas USA & Adidas China. (2006) With Galen Walker.
%u201COculus%u201D %u2013 Writer - Supernatural Thriller Feature for Accelerated Entertainment (2007).
%u201CCat Tale%u201D %u2013 Writer - Animated Feature for Imagi, USA %u2013 Currently In Production (2005-2006).
%u201CWar Monkeys%u201D %u2013 Writer/Co-Producer - Horror-Comedy Feature, Death Ray Films.
David (Snakes on a Plane) Ellis directing.

VIDEO GAMES - Story, Character Development, Dialogue & Consultation:
FREEMAN GAMES %u2013 Freelance writing on multiple projects for internationally renowned video game guru, David Freeman.
FLASH FIGHTER %u2013 Key character and story development on MMORPG, for noted game
writer/designer David Perry and Acclaim.
VARIOUS PROJECTS for Freeze Interactive, Larian, Evolved, Digital Reality and others.
AWOMO - Led a global design team & personally conceptualized the early %u201Cphase one world%u201D of
AWOMO (%u201CA World of My Own%u201D) MMOG for Virgin Games & Trianit.

Story Supervisor / Producer %u2013 Imagi, USA %u2013 2005-2006
CAT TALE %u2013 Animated Feature. Screenwriter, Story Supervisor, extensive producer chores.
Directed recording sessions with principal cast voice actors, including Sean Astin, Elisha
Cuthbert and Stanley Tucci. %u201CGhost-directed%u201D story reel up to RLO.
%u201CDr. Festive%u201D %u2013 holiday-themed project specifically for Imagi%u2019s (original) parent company.
%u201CThe Noble Key%u201D %u2013 blend of basketball and science-fiction. Hired to develop my original pitch into promo for episodic series. Served as the company%u2019s sole creative liaison to Adidas execs in both the USA and China on branding, story, licensing and other issues for %u201CThe Noble Key.%u201D
Also was tasked with developing other proposed company projects, including a feature adaptation of %u201CThe Legend of Zelda,%u201D for which Imagi ultimately failed to secure the rights.

Secret of the Horse %u2013 Director %u2013 Family Theater Productions - 2001
Family television drama starring Ernie Reyes, Jr. I also did an uncredited rewrite of the script.

All Over Again (aka %u201CAgainst Time%u201D) Writer / Director / Producer %u2013 2000
Starring Craig T. Nelson, Robert Loggia & John Amos.
Awarded %u201CBest Drama%u201D at 2000 International Family Film Festival, Santa Clarita, CA.


Dynamic public speaker
Quick-sketch story artist
Award-winning speechwriter
Illustrator/Character Designer
Versatile voice artist, mimic & singer
Designed and operated six haunted houses
Seasoned actor and director, stage and screen
Well-versed in Photoshop, Powerpoint & Final Cut
Skilled in Special Visual Effects & Special Makeup Effects
Accomplished in Hand-Drawn Animation, Layout & Storyboard
Experienced fabricator %u2013 miniature/model sculpture & stagecraft
Comprehensive Understanding of LBE & Themed Entertainment Industry
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Cleve N. | Elance

Cleve N.