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About the Company

We are Microsoft, Brainbench, and Oracle certified professionals.
We specialize in Win32, Linux and MacOS applications and services, Web applications, Web services, mobile phone and PDA applications.
We have a very wide coverage of various platforms, technologies, databases and programming languages.
We have experience in providing custom software security and licensing solutions, including hardware USB keys.
We have experience in hardware communication protocols and applications, and embedded software.
Service Description
Artech is the company of highly experienced IT professionals. We have more than 10 years of expertise in developing commercial software. Our specialists hold Master degrees in Software Engineering and Applied Mathematics of Lviv Ivan Franko National University and Moscow University of Physics and Technology, and PDEng (Professional doctorate in Engineering) degrees of Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We are dedicated, talented team, delivering efficient custom software solutions proven to be of great value for our customers.

Our mission is to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality services to our customers. We select the way to our own success through the satisfaction of our customers.

As we work we follow several principles:

*be honest and transparent to our clients; trust is the key to relations development;

*efficient communication is a necessary condition of mutual understanding, which is a core of a project success;

*we adjust our methods to our customer needs, not the other way around;

We have conducted more than 50 very successful projects for customers from USA, UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Australia and other countries!

Besides software development, we offer wide research and development services. We do mathematical modeling necessary to come up with a solution for complex business problems. Our fields of expertize are mathematical physics, logistics problems, statistics, optimization, decision making systems.

Software development:
- Project management,
- Requirements engineering,
- Specification preparation,
- Software architecture design,
- Implementation,
- Deployment,
- Integration,
- Quality assurance, testing,
- Support,
- Maintenance,
- Administration.

- mathematical modeling,
- simulations
- business optimization

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (.Net Framework 2.0: Windows Applications)
Awarded: 2008
Certified Trainer
Awarded: 2007
Certified Technology Specialist (Net Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications)
Awarded: 2007
Certified Professional Developer (Windows Developer)
Awarded: 2007
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (SQL Server 2005)
Awarded: 2007
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Hourly-based legal contract. All our customers get weekly reports with amount of hours spent by each developer for the customerÂ’s project. In case of 3+ developers team customer can get an access to Artech reporting system and track team hours himself. As a rule we submit clientÂ’s invoices at the end of every week with reported man-hours and expect them to be paid during the next week.

Fixed price contract. Before start project is splitted into certain iterations approved by the client. The work on every iteration starts with the agreed funds to be put in escrow. After the iteration is completed (i.e. accepted by the client), we start working on the next one.
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