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About the Company

I am a celebrated Systems Engineer with expertise in Cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid), Virtualization Technologies and Data Center Design.

I am a Official Amazon Provider Network Member - Consulting Partner [].

In the past, I have been the Principle Cloud Architect, Data Center Architect and Lead Systems Engineer for some of the most celebrated companies in the world.

1. Created a Private Cloud with over 3500 servers distributed in 3 regions and integrated it with Amazon Cloud to form a Public cloud.
2. Have worked with several technologies and scaled it for high volume with massive cost savings.
3. Created a unified platform to interact with multiple public clouds.
4. Designed a geo-distributed, full tolerant with a SLA of 99.99999 deployment and deployed it using Amazon Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Storm Cloud and CloudSigma.
5. Designed a scalable storage system using opensource and commodity hardware.
Service Description
I have been a cloud and system architect for many StartUps, SMEs and a few large Corporations.

I have designed, developed and maintained very large scaling, load-balanced and redundant infrastructure for many clients.
Most of the infrastructure I have designed are
* fully automated (chef/puppet and deployment via various code deployment tools integrated with git or subversion)
* auto-scale (on demand scaling)
* auto-heal and auto curate
* fully load-balanced
* in required cases geo-distributed
* Monitored with custom performance plugins
* Customized Security Audit

This infrastructure architecture and deployments were in
=> different environments
* Dedicated servers
* Container Technologies like Docker, LXC
* Virtualized Environment (Xen, KVM, VMware, OpenVZ, Virtualbox, Hyper-V and others)
* Cloud:
-Public cloud: Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, CloudSigma, ElasticHost, CloudCentral, Joyent, Softlayer, and others
-Private Cloud:
= OpenSource: OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, OpenQRM, Eucalyptus, and others
= Proprietory: VMWare, Citrix Xen, 3tera, and others

=> Different Business Verticals
* Ecommerce
* Social Application
* Big Data Analysis and Analytics
* Media (audio and video)
* Realtime Gaming
* Hosting industry

=> Different Applications/stacks/services
* Web Servers (Apache, lighttpd, Nginx, Cherokee)
* Load Balancers (HAProxy, Nginx, Pound, LVS, balance, Zen Load Balance, Varnish, Balance, Zeus Load Balancer, Eddie)
* Ruby on Rails (Phusion Passenger, Unicorn)
* Python (mod_python, uWSGI, gunicorn)
* Java (Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, Jboss)
* Database/DataStores (Mysql + variants, Postgresql, Oracle, Mongodb, Cassandra, Memcached, Redis, Riak, Membase/CouchDB, Scalaris, Neo4J, Hbase, InfiniDB, Infobright and others)
* Data Analysis (Hadoop, Bigdata, Flume, HPCC, disco, spark, Cloud MapReduce, Sector/Sphere, Stratosphere)
* Distributed File System (Glusterfs, Coda, Ceph, pVFS, Lustre, ZFS, OneFS, XtreemFS)
* Search (Solr, Lucene, Nutch, ElasticSearch, Lily, Katta)
* Caching (varnish, memcache, flashcache)
* Monitoring (Nagios, Munin, Icinga, Ganglia, cacti, ntop, op5, Zabbix, pandoraFMS, OpsView and others)
* DNS (bind, tinydns, Eddie)
* Mail (postfix/sendmail/qmail/exim, Dovecot/Courier)
* Security (Snort, Splunk, Samhain, OSSEC, OSSIM, Suricata)
* Centralized logging (rsyslog+loganalyzer, splunk, zlogfabric, octopussy, Samhain, Graylog2, Kibana,, OpenTSDB, Flume, Scribe
* CMS (wordpress, joomla, mambo, typo3, etc and other custom developed CMS)
* Ecommerce (oscommerce, magento, and a few of clients custom developed ecommerce applications)
and many other applications and services

Most of these infrastructure architecture are for high volume traffic web application or for massive computing requirements.

Specific to Amazon Cloud, I am a Official Amazon Provider Network Member - Consulting Partner []. I have indepth knowledge and extensive experience with the Amazon EC2 Framework namely Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Auto Scaling, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Direct Connect Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), and AWS Import/Export
Linux Administration (RHEL 5)
Awarded: 2008
Indian Institute of Science
Doctor of Philosophy (Aerospace Engineering)
2003 - 2006
Indian Institute of Science
Master of Science in Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)
2001 - 2003
Gogte Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
1995 - 1999
Remote System Support
CEO and Founder
2005 - Present
Started a Linux and Unix System Administration firm with the aim of providing top notch support in all domains.
Indian Institute of Science
System and Network Administrator
2000 - 2005
Year Founded
Number of Employees
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