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Asghar M.

iOS, .NET, Databases and CMS Expert
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I am an expert web and desktop applications developer, I have delivered software solutions using C/Objective-C/C++,C#, VB6, VB.Net, PHP, JSP and Servlets, and integrating them to Filemaker, MSAccess, SqlServer and MySQL.
I also have a professional experience of CMS including Wordpress and Joomla. I have also developed small programs for UDOO and ARDUINO.
Service Description
I provide a full cycle of software development: requirement collection and analysis, architectural and functional design, coding and testing which allows the customer to control the project implementation at any stage. Thus, you receive a full range of software services within one provider which reduces costs and the time of the project development.

I provide a wide range of solutions and services for clients who value high quality software.

I provide outsourcing services for companies which seek to cut down their expenditures. But never offer my clients "cheap" solutions of poor quality.

My main area of focus are:
-Desktop and Web-based Design and Development
-Software Application Architecture and Development

Software Development:
-C# / C / VC++

Operating Systems:

Web Servers
-Apache Web server
-Microsoft IIS

-MS SQL Server,
-MS Access,
University of Sindh Jamshoro
Master of Science (Computer Science)
Isra Islamic Foundation
Senior Software Engineer
2010 - Present
Creating new MIS using .Net 4.0 and SQL Server, supporting legacy application build using VB6 SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Supporting Open Source Application (Moodle), creating small modules using MySQL, PHP.
Junaid Jamshed (Pvt.) Ltd.
I.T Manager
2006 - 2010
Payment Terms
Following options are given to my clients

Option 1: Projects upto $200
100% on Completion

Option 2: Projects upto $500
Project is divided into 3 milestones, 33% on each milestone.

Option 3: Projects upto $1000.
Project is divided into 4 milestones, 25% on each milestone.

Option 4: Projects upto $5000
33% upfront
33% When project is 65% complete
34% on completion.

For projects larger than 10000$, I can discuss and decide payment options..
Asghar M. | Elance

Asghar M.